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The movie "Blade" was among the first to bring the classic vampire theme into modern times. With its mix of technology, music and updated "vampire world" ideas, it certainly set the tone for other movies to follow. Wanna see if you can slice and dice what you know about "Blade"? Then take this quiz and find out!

What exactly is Blade?

Blade is a vampire hunter who has special abilities. He is so good at his job that he is feared across the whole vampire world.


Why is Blade so special?

Unlike other vampires, Blade can actually withstand sunlight, so he can move during the day. It is implied that this is very rare - but it does happen.


Who is Whistler?

The Whistler character was first created for Blade’s appearance in the 1994 Spider-Man show. His character was expanded for the movie, and is now an important part of the "Blade" canon.


Who played Blade?

Wesley Snipes seems to have a thing for comic book action, and he recently appeared in the "Expendables." He also had a villainous turn in "Demolition Man."


If Whistler looks familiar, that's because this guy played his part.

Kris Kristofferson, a popular country singer, sang "Help Me Make It Through the Night." He is also a successful songwriter.


In the movie intro, this first vampire appears, played by an actress familiar in the adult entertainment industry. Who is she?

Her adult movie offerings aside, Traci Lords is also known for appearing in many TV shows and movies. Her original controversy was that she was underage in some of her first adult films.


In the movie, what is unusual about the vampire disco?

Vampires could take their victims to the disco, where blood pumped out of the fire sprinklers. This may or may not have triggered vampiric blood lust for dinner.


What is Blade's main weapon?

Blade favors his sword, which he stores in a special sheath in his coat and body armor. The sword probably has silver in its design, since vampires explode when he stabs them.


In the "Blade" universe, what metal is the deadly deal for vampires?

Silver can apparently do one-stab kills on vampires, turning them to ash on contact. Many of the weapons and devices Whistler created use silver as an anti-vampire component.


What is so important about a Daywalker?

Daywalkers are a special breed of vampire that can be active during the day, unaffected by sunlight. A Daywalker is also important to a certain vampire ritual.


When did Blade first come out as a character?

Blade first appeared way back in 1973, in the Marvel Comic book, "The Tomb of Dracula." He has appeared in cartoons and TV series as well.


What foreign language do the vampires speak?

The vampires have their own language, with nuances borrowed here and there from European languages. Some people say that it is a mix of Slavic and Romanian.


Vampires need a lot of what to interact with the normal world?

Even policemen could be vampire slaves. They are people who willingly help vampires for whatever reason, usually for power or to become a vampire, too.


Why did Whistler became a vampire hunter?

Whistler saw his family killed by a vampire. They let the vampire into the house, thinking that the person needed help.


Blade saves which character, even though it may be a bad idea?

Even though she is already turning into a vampire, Blade saves Dr. Karen Jenson because he is reminded of his mother. This turns out to be a good idea further along in the story.


What does Whistler inject into people, to prevent them from turning into vampires?

Whistler uses a garlic concentrate as an injected vaccine against vampirism. That has got to hurt.


Who is the lead villain of "Blade"?

Deacon Frost, as a film character, was made younger than his comic book version. Originally, the character was supposed to be Morbius, another vampiric Marvel character.


Who played Deacon Frost?

Stephen Dorff appeared in "Space Truckers" and "Judgment Night." He hasn't gone for big roles lately, and currently has health issues.


Even vampires have discrimination, like what bias?

You can be born a vampire or turned by another vampire. Being born a vampire is supposedly pure, and better.


Although Blade can walk in daylight, he still has what vampiric need?

Blade still has an urge to drink blood. And he resists this, every step of the way.


What does Blade worry about, on a personal level?

Blade has a serum that removes the urge to drink blood. He really hates to do that, so he worries he might do it someday.


The sword Blade owns has what special booby trap?

If you don’t know the secret switch, smaller prong-like blades will come out of the handle to slice your hand to pieces. For vampires, it can burn their hands off.


What book is central to the plot?

The Book of Erebus has instructions on how to make a super-vampire, by turning one vampire into an avatar of one of their blood gods. To do it, you need a daywalker.


Who is Frost's secret girlfriend?

The unexpected plot twist is that Blade’s own mother turns out to be loyal to Frost. Blade being born a daywalker may not have been an accident at all.


What goon is the main muscle for Frost?

Quinn is the tough bodyguard of Deacon Frost. Even if he has been burned beyond recognition, he still somehow survives.


Which vampire recordkeeper really needs to exercise?

Pearl is the incredibly obese recordkeeper and researcher for the vampires. He is not a very good liar, and this leads to a very painful interrogation scene, if you are a vampire.


How does Blade torture Pearl the recordkeeper?

Blade tries to burn some info out of the obese Pearl. Turning a UV lamp on this vampire does the trick.


What is La Magra?

La Magra is the name used for an ancient vampiric blood god. If a vampire is taken over by La Magra, he or she becomes a vampire superman.


What is Dr. Jenson’s first so-called cure for vampirism?

Dr. Jenson discovered that EDTA, an anticoagulant, makes blood explode. She tells Blade to use it.


Aside from hunting vampires, what is the other big concern for Whistler?

After some coughing, it is revealed that Whistler has cancer. In a way, this could be why he is not afraid of death when it comes to vampire-hunting.


There is one guy who should always be in a Marvel movie, and he was supposed to be in Blade. Who is this guy?

Stan Lee, who cameos in Marvel movies, was supposed to appear as a cop early on. His bit part was edited out.


Who is the Big Boss Vampire?

Dragonetti is the serious and fantastically racist leader of the vampire ruling council. He does not like Frost because Frost is not a natural-born vampire.


Who plays the original Big Boss Vampire?

Udo Kier is a character actor who has appeared in important movies by important Hollywood directors. And yes, he is German.


Stephen Norrington, the film's director, worked as a special effects guy first in which extra-terrestrial feature film?

Stephen Norrington doesn't have much of a directorial resumé. But he worked on films in other departments, like being the special effects person in "Aliens" and "Alien 3."


The scriptwriter of "Blade," David Goyer, has an extensive superhero film-writing resumé. He was part of the writing team of "Batman Begins" and "The Dark Knight," directed by which A-list director?

Nolan and Goyer worked on the "Batman" films. But they also credit Bob Kane, Batman's creator, for the characters, of course.


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