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Scout Finch reflects on her childhood in the small town of Macomb, Alabama where her father, Atticus, defends an unjustly accused black man amidst prejudice and moral injustice.

Who narrates the story?

Nicknamed "Scout," the 6-year-old serves as the narrator, reflecting on tumultuous times in Macomb, Alabama in the early 1930s.

Which character was based on Truman Capote?

Author Harper Lee had Capote as a neighbor while he was growing up. They became friends and their friendship lasted into adulthood.

The opening of the film shows the contents of a box. Which item is NOT in it?

These are items Jem collects after he finds them in the knothole of a tree.

Mr. Cunningham is a poor neighbor of the Finch family. How does he pay Atticus?

Scout asks Atticus questions about how poor the Cunninghams are. She wants to know if her own family is poor. Atticus tells her "We are indeed."

Who is described as "the meanest man who ever took a breath of life"?

Many rumors about violence fly around about the Radley family. The children try to stay away from the Radley house.

Dill Harris tells Jem and Scout many tall tales. What is the subject of these tales?

He first tells the Finch children he doesn't have a father, but then the story evolves into various jobs his father has. Dill stays with his aunt in Macomb during the summers.

Who is Calpurnia?

Calpurnia helps with running the household, since Mrs. Finch is deceased. The children respect and heed her.

Atticus has a skill of which the children were not aware. What is it?

Atticus shoots a rabid dog in one shot in front of the children. They are amazed.

How does Jem lose his pants?

The children are running away from the Radley house in a panic. Jem says when he later went back later to get the pants, they were folded across the fence.

What causes the Finch family to laugh the first morning of school?

Scout is a tomboy who looks uncomfortable wearing a dress. Even Atticus finds it amusing.

For what does Jem continue to pester Atticus ?

Jem gets frustrated when he hears Walter Cunningham has a gun. Atticus is against violence.

According to Atticus, why is it "a sin to kill a mockingbird?"

This foreshadows one of the later themes about wrongful persecution. Sheriff Tate mentions it in the final scene.

Jem invites Walter Cunningham for supper. What does he request that Scout makes fun of?

The Cunninghams are poor so he indulges in something sweet. Scout gets a scolding from Calpurnia and Atticus.

Who gives Atticus a hard time about defending Tom Robinson?

Bob Ewell's daughter, Mayella, is the victim in the case. Ewell hurls derogatory comments at Finch for defending a black man.

Before going to bed, Atticus and Scout have a talk about her not liking school. What word do they discuss at length?

Atticus tells Scout what a "compromise means," and if she goes to school, they will continue to read together at night.

Mary Badham, who played Scout, made her acting debut with this film and was nominated for Best Supporting Actress. To whom did she lose?

Patty Duke won for her role in "The Miracle Worker." Until Tatum O'Neal won for "Paper Moon" in 1973 at age 9, Badham (age 10) had been the youngest nominee for that award.

What is the last item Jem gets out of the knothole in the tree before Mr. Radley cements it up?

Jem shares what he has collected with Scout and tells her not tell anyone. They don't know who has been putting things in there.

Just prior to the trial, a group of men approach the jail with guns. Who is Scout surprised to see there among them?

Her innocence and inquiries guilt Cunningham into abandoning the jail as he directs the others to leave. The men are angry and believe Robinson is guilty.

Atticus forbids the children to attend the trial. What is Jem's response?

Reverend Sykes escorts Jem, Scout, and Dill to the balcony by . The courthouse is packed.

Who is the first person called to the stand?

Tate describes what he found when he investigated Mayella's claim. He describes the condition she was in.

What had Mayella asked Tom Robinson to do on the day in question?

A chiffarobe is a large piece of furniture in which to store clothes.

In what month did the alleged attack on Mayella occur?

A year had passed before the trial started. Dill was there (he returns in the summers) and the children were not in school.

What does Robinson testify that seems to hurt his case?

There is a long pause in the courtroom when Robinson states this. The prosecutor repeats Robinson's words.

What strong evidence helps Tom's case?

Atticus shows that Tom has no use of his right hand. Mayella's injuries are consistent wit that of a left-handed person.

Although never proven, who is likely to have caused Mayella Ewell's injuries?

Bob Ewell is left-handed, and when he's drunk, he's known to beat his children. His prejudice against Robinson feeds his accusations.

How does Atticus reveal Ewell is left-handed?

Ewell seem agitated but complies. He is unaware of where that detail might be going.

What act of respect do the court spectators in the balcony show Atticus?

Reverend Sykes tells Scout, "Jean Louise, stand up. Your father's passing." The children were watching the case from the balcony with Tom Robinson supporters.

How does Tom Robinson die?

Sheriff Tate tells this to Atticus the night the trial ended. Robinson was being transferred for his safety.

What does Miss Maudie tell the children after the trial?

The children are depressed Atticus lost the case. They don't understand how an innocent man could be found guilty.

At the fall pageant, what is Scout's costume?

The fall pageant features agricultural products. She wears her costume home.

Ewell confronts Atticus at the Robinson home after the trial. What happens?

Finch wipes off the spit and quietly gets into his car with Jem in the passenger seat.

What does Scout say about the walk home with Jem the night of the pageant?

Their meeting with Boo Radley and understanding an act of kindness and bravery is still possible in a sometimes unfair and cruel world.

What injury does Jem sustain from the attack in the woods?

Jem is also knocked unconscious. Boo Radley carried him home.

Boo Radley killed Ewell to defend Jem. How does Sheriff Tate respond?

Tate says it would be a sin to bring Boo Radley into the town's limelight. He did the town a service. Scout says, "It would be like shooting a mockingbird."

Which actor debuted in film as Arthur (Boo) Radley?

Before the film, Duvall had a notable career on stage. He became more well-known on screen after his performance as Tom Hagen in "The Godfather" movies in the '70s.

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