Scientists Say There Are 4 Distinct Personality Types — Which One Are You?

By: Brian Whitney
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People always want to know more about their personalities. Sure, you might think you know what you're like, but do you really? The only way to really find out who you are is to find more about what other people are like and compare and contrast yourself to them.  The most famous personality test is known as the Meyers Briggs, but people always want to know more about themselves.  That is why it is always interesting when a new study comes out that lets us know more about our personality. A group of scientists just did a study and grouped everyone into 4 distinct categories, average, reserved, role models, and self-centered.  You probably noticed right away one of the groups is called average. That could be a personality test all by itself. Think about it, do you actually want to be in the average group, or would it make you irritated?

We have developed a series of questions which will let you know which one of these groups you belong in, so if you're ready to find out more about yourself, don't be scared, just take this quiz. Just remember that average doesn't always mean basic and being self-centered isn't always a bad thing,

Do you like parties?

Do you daydream a lot?

Do you worry about things a lot?

Do you have a lot of friends?

Is it easy for you to trust people?

Do you manipulate people?

Are you a team player at work?

Would you be a good boss?

Are you emotional?

Do you like a good argument?

Do you think you're better than other people?

Are you able to control your impulses?

How often do you lie?

What word describes you best?

How often do you get in fights with other people?

Are you late for things a lot?

Are you a logical person?

Are you a good public speaker?

Do you like helping people?

Are you artistic?

How important is it to you to be popular?

Are you a good follower?

What is most important to you?

Have you ever had true love?

What bothers you most about other people?

Have you cheated on a significant other?

How often do you cry?

Do you thrive on routine?

Are you articulate?

What would you like to do better?

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