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The 1983 film Scarface proved to be more of a hit than its original 1932 counterpart, with the Brian De Palma remake etching itself in New Hollywood’s more progressive ways of telling cinematic stories that matter. Wanna say hello to the brave new world of Scarface? Then take this quiz and dive into its depths!

In which decade is the Scarface story set?

The "Scarface" remake echoes real-life social issues prevalent during the 1980s, especially in the world of politics, economics, and crime. Refugee crisis and immigration issues were also tackled there.


The film largely takes place in the USA, but from what country does the main character — and his back story — come from?

The film reflected the 1980s sociopolitical issues that stemmed from the "Mariel boat lift," where thousands of Cubans left the island nation to seek asylum in the U.S.


What kind of undesirable people joined the mass migration from Cuba to the USA?

Cuban criminals were released from prison and were allowed to join the mass migration to the USA.


"Scarface" is about ex-con Tony Montana. Which Hollywood A-lister played him?

Italian-American Al Pacino played the Cuban character named Tony Montana. It is one of his most memorable roles.


Where in the USA did the Cuban refugees mostly end up?

Florida is located at the southern part of the USA, close to The Bahamas and to Cuba. It’s no wonder that the Sunshine state is the nearest destination that Cuban refugees go to.


Like Tony Montana said, Cubans were all escaping their homes due to the communist state of their country, led by this leader. What was his name?

Fidel Castro placed Cuba under his dictatorial rule until his recent death. He was a recognized revolutionary.


The Cuban refugees were being herded by the boatload towards Miami, but they ended up in a specific refugee camp until they got the proper US papers. What is the name of the camp?

As a gateway to America, most Cubans with questionable backgrounds were put inside Freedomtown. Tony Montana was one of those put in that refugee camp.


Tony had a very close friend who seemed to have the same illegal background as him. What was his name?

Manolo Ribera, which became Manny, is Tony’s very close friend who also had underworld dealings. He was played by Steven Bauer, reportedly the only true Cuban in the film cast.


When asked at the US border, Tony insists that he is not a regular refugee, but one of these — the reason why he says he was in prison. What is this term?

Tony’s swagger is part of his act to be labeled as a political prisoner, instead of a common criminal refugee. Immigration officials didn’t buy it at first.


Due to its bi-cultural aspects, "Scarface" sometimes portrayed characters who didn’t speak English, or mixed it with another language. What language was this?

Tony Montana speaks a heavily-accented English, with a dash of Spanish words and interjections every so often. The film also shows characters speaking in straight Spanish, giving it authenticity in its portrayal of the Cuban culture.


Scarface is primarily about Cuban refugee Tony Montana and his life’s journey, specifically becoming one of these in the US.

Scarface is about Tony Montana’s rise into becoming one of the top drug lords in Florida. The film is also cited and critiqued for showing too much violence.


Ex-con refugees like Tony Montana and Manny Ribera would do anything illegal to acquire one of these legal documents, to be able to step inside the USA freely. What is this document called?

Manny arranged a deal for their green card processing to be expedited: they have to kill one of Castro’s former top aides currently shipped into the refugee camp. The act earned them their green cards, thanks to Manny’s contacts.


Honest living: What was Tony and Manny’s first legitimate job in the USA?

Like many refugees and migrants, Tony and Manny started working legally as dishwashers of an eatery called Little Havana. However, they’re itching for more illegal income again...


Dishonest dealing: Manny scored an easier underworld gig for himself and Tony. What nationality did they deal with, for this first illegal gig after obtaining their green cards?

Tony and Manny found themselves doing a job for a local drug lord’s sidekick. For this first gig, they had to do an exchange with Colombians. But it quickly went south, and not of the border…


To strut their stuff to the local drug lord, Frank Lopez, Tony and Manny delivered their Colombian deal in person, in the process meeting Frank’s girlfriend, Elvira. Which Hollywood A-lister portrayed her?

Michelle Pfeiffer’s career as a leading lady took off when "Scarface" was released. She remains one of Hollywood’s finest actresses to date.


What kind of illegal drug did Tony deal in, from the beginning up to the end of his career?

Cocaine was outlawed in the USA during the early 1900s. But it had a resurgence in US culture during the 1970s, and well up to the 80s, when its use was heightened by pop culture depictions.


During their first illegal gig dealing with the Colombians, Tony nearly lost his life the same way his friend Angel did, when the Colombians killed his friend using this tool.

Tony’s friend, Angel, got dismembered by a chainsaw used by the Colombians. The very bloody and gory scene is but one of the film’s trademark violent scenes, which made it controversial during the time of its release.


Local drug lord, Frank Lopez, always hangs out in this club. What was its name?

Frank’s girlfriend, Elvira, said that it’s easy for killers to track down Frank because he always hangs out at the Babylon Club. But it’s the in place to be, babe…


When Frank Lopez asked Tony to fetch Elvira for him, the wannabe Miami gangster drove a Cadillac, but Elvira found it repulsive. What color was the cadillac?

Tony’s tacky yellow Cadillac, with the kitschy interiors, didn’t fly with the boss’ wife. Class needs to be studied, and so is taste, so learned Tony.


Since Elvira didn’t like Tony’s yellow Cadillac, he did this to remedy the situation.

To impress Elvira, Tony bought a new car in front of her eyes. But that swagger wasn’t enough to impress the blonde.


Unspoken family man: Tony already has some relatives in the US, living quietly away from him. Who are these relatives?

Tony’s mother was so repulsed by Tony’s underworld life, she didn’t want him to have any contact with the family, especially Tony’s younger sister, Gina. But the siblings were close to each other.


Going south: To which South American country did Tony accompany Omar, Frank Lopez’s associate, on a business trip with a drug lord?

Tony accompanies Omar tp Cochabamba, Bolivia, where they are meeting up with a huge drug lord named Alejandro Sosa, to broker a deal between Sosa and Lopez. Tony learns a lot from this trip…


Bolivian drug boss Alejandro Sosa has long suspected Frank Lopez’s associate, Omar, to be a police informer, so he had him killed from this vehicle up in the air.

Sosa wanted Tony Montana to see how he ordered his men to hang the police informant, Omar, from a helicopter. Alberto, Sosa’s trusted henchman, did the killing.


Rise to the top: Tony’s first move to becoming a drug lord himself was to break away from Frank Lopez and do business directly with Bolivian supplier, Alejandro Sosa. What did Frank Lopez do in retaliation?

Keep your enemies closer, and have them assassinated when they betray your friendship. That’s how Frank Lopez thought when he ordered the hit against Tony. But it failed!


An eye for an eye: When Tony suspected that Frank Lopez tried to assassinate him, what did he do to Frank?

Tony and Manny walked inside Frank Lopez’s office and confronted him about the hit, to which their former boss confessed. But as he begged for mercy, Tony ordered him dead.


Without Frank Lopez in the picture, what did Tony Montana do to his former boss’ girlfriend, Elvira?

Tony had his eye on Elvira ever since he first saw her in Frank’s house.


Roaring for extravagance: What wild animal did Tony keep in his lavish mansion’s sprawling garden?

Tony brags of keeping a tiger in the backseat of his car, just for show, when he gets filthy rich. Dream come true, boy!


Isn’t it ironic: The chief detective of narcotics, Mel Bernstein, went to Tony Montana as the former Cuban refugee was starting to make his mark in the drug lord scene. What did the chief detective want from Tony?

The Miami drug scene was also being “controlled” by the police in a different way — by accepting bribes from specific drug bosses in exchange for looking the other way, and tipping them about other underworld dealings in conflict with theirs. Bernstein had been in cahoots with Frank Lopez and wanted to win over Tony as well. No dice!


Trouble in paradise: Tony became cruel and insensitive to Elvira when she couldn't have children, escalating into a tumultuous home life. What did Elvira do to retaliate?

Elvira decided to leave Tony since she got fed up with his irrational behavior, especially against her. Money can’t really buy all for Tony, at this point.


Trouble in business: An unguarded Tony was entrapped by law enforcers and he was threatened with jail time for tax evasion and this other crime. What was the crime?

Tony got hit by a sting operation and he ended up being sued for tax evasion and money laundering. This is the closest the officers could get in charging a known drug lord like him.


Trouble with friends: Alejandro Sosa and his Bolivian associates wanted a journalist to die since he had been talking to the media about their drug dealings, so they asked Tony to do this favor in exchange for taking care of the Cuban’s legal woes. Where in the US will this mission take place?

The journalist on a crusade to expose the Bolivian drug cartel was scheduled to speak at the United Nations headquarters in New York City. But Tony pulled the plug on the mission upon learning that the journalist would be killed, along with his family. So Tony killed Sosa’s disobedient henchman in cold blood instead.


The start of his demise: Upon learning that his sister, Gina, fell in love and got married to his friend, Manny, in secret, what did Tony do to Manny?

A drugged and crazed Tony shot Manny pointblank upon seeing him living in a house with his sister, Gina, leading the woman to accuse her older brother of harboring incestuous feelings for her. She might have a point there...


Since Tony Montana failed to do that one favor for Bolivian drug lord Alejandro Sosa, this is what Sosa does in retaliation.

Alejandro Sosa thought that Tony Montana was now his enemy, so he ordered a hit on him. Men with high-powered weapons invaded his mansion, killing Gina and Tony's men in the process.


Iconic line: What did Tony Montana say to his Bolivian house invaders when he showed them his high-powered weapon with a grenade launcher?

“Say hello to my little friend!” This is the most classic line to come out of "Scarface," which has been etched in global pop culture and cinematic history, penned by scriptwriter-turned-director, Oliver Stone.


Anti-climactic: When Tony finally gets killed, he lands on his indoor fountain where a sculpture of a globe hovers over it, along with these words in neon around it: The ___ is yours.

"The world is yours." So says the neon sign around the globe in Tony’s mansion. While he did have the world for himself for a while, some things come with a heavy price to pay, as he discovered.


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