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Our entire childhoods are spent acquiring new information – and vocabulary words are no exception. Did you know the average 4-year old knows 5,000 words? And that doubles to 10,000 by around age 8! Most of us will continue to learn one new word each day until we reach middle age. That’s a lot to store in the ol’ memory bank! 

So, does your vocabulary underscore these remarkable figures? Are you the type to attack a vocabulary challenge with zeal? Let’s hope you weren’t a truant in high school since that’s the time you’d be exposed to a myriad of SAT vocab words. If you’re out of school, but still an avid reader, you’re in luck as you likely have a litany of words at your disposal.

The great thing about gaining a potent vocabulary is that anybody can do it! If you want to be a great athlete, you probably need some natural talent. But to be a great wordsmith, you just need to pay attention to the new things you read and hear – even if some of them seem completely ludicrous.

It’s time to find out how well you’ve really been paying attention to the words around you. Take the quiz now and prove you’re a vocabulary-test vanquisher!


Indigenous means natively grown in an area, as in crops or something related to agriculture. If it’s a person, it means someone native from that specific area or land, as in indigenous people.



To negate is to turn something into a negative, whether tangible or abstract. It also means cancelling something, like an event or value.



A tirade is when someone releases a string of hurtful words towards another. It’s usually applied for speech or language.



A predecessor is someone who previously occupied a position taken over by someone new. The prefix “pre” refers to "before."



A retraction is a withdrawal of an action or a verbal agreement. It can also pertain to an action of something automated.



A boorish person is someone who has bad manners. Boorish could also pertain to being rough in terms of overall personality and speech.



To falter is to hesitate, in the moment stopping an action or speech. So someone who continues to falter, means they lack confidence.



Being obsolete means something is of no use anymore. It could be applied to objects, abstract ideas, or ways of doing things.



Whimsical means being a bit careful and carefree. It usually pertains to a person’s behavior and actions.



Potent means being strong or powerful. It’s usually applied to scents or tastes/flavors.



Ludicrous means something is very silly. It could be an act or the result of an act.



A truant is someone who plays hooky. It’s usually done in purpose, especially when students skip school.



Myriad means a great number of collective items. For example, you could say “I have myriad talents."



Zeal means to have great energy or enthusiasm for something. A zealot, meanwhile, is someone who’s very dedicated to a fault.



To underscore means to give an emphasis on something. In written form, this is signified by underlining the part you want to underscore.


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