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The 2013 film, "The Lone Ranger," was as entertaining as it was lavish, in terms of budget and production values. But the Disney-Bruckheimer film captured the hearts and interests of young and old alike. Think you can saddle up and go for a ride along this journey? Then take this quiz and let’s giddy-yap!

The Lone Ranger is about characters who existed during the dusty and undeveloped 1800s frontier life of the American old ____.

The Lone Ranger is a radio play set in the American old west. “Wild wild west” refers to battles that were fought during that sometimes violent era.


The Lone Ranger is a western retelling of an old radio series which became popular in American culture in the 1930s. From which state is the Lone Ranger character?

The Lone Ranger is a native of Texas. His story revolved around fighting bad guys in this state.


Latham Cole is the influential businessman maneuvering the bad guys behind his railroad business. What is the term used for these titans of business?

Latham Cole is the railroad tycoon out to maneuver the railroad system so he can amass more power and wealth. These tycoons have legal business fronts and illegal back dealings.


Armie Hammer played the titular character in this film, but the guy who played Tonto headlines the film before him. Who is this "Pirates of the Caribbean" actor?

Johnny Depp, the more senior in terms of Hollywood clock-in time, actually headlines this film. He’s also one of the co-producers, teaming with Walt Disney Pictures and Jerry Bruckheimer Films.


Johnny Depp plays a character often seen as a cowboy’s enemy, even if they’re not. What do they call Tonto?

Tonto is an “Indian​” in Old West folklore. But his character is actually a Native American, specifically a Comanche Native American, who has extensive historical cultural roots in some areas mentioned in the film.


Before he became The Lone Ranger, the character behind him, John Reid, actually went to advanced schooling to become this. What is his profession?

John Reid had just gotten out of law school when he decided to return to his native home of Colby, Texas. Of course, the law had other plans for him...


Aside from donning a mask, the popular Lone Ranger get-up also consisted of this wild wild west accessory. What was it?

The spirit horse also brought the dead John Reid a white cowboy hat. He later wears it as The Lone Ranger.


Lawyer John Reid went back to Texas where his brother, Dan Reid, was head of this group of law enforcers. What is their group called?

Dan Reid was keeping peace as a Texas Ranger in their state. He can deputize anyone to become a ranger if they need extra help.


What kind of modern-day public transportation was being built during the 1800s old West?

The railroad system was just being built and modernized in the 1800s. Specifically, the film referred to the real-life First Transcontinental Railroad line being constructed in the US. during that time.


John Reid wanted to lead a quieter life than his Texas Ranger brother Dan, but he got deputized as a Texas Ranger to help capture the bad guy, Butch Cavendish. What did they call bad guys in the old West?

Butch Cavendish is the main outlaw captured and sentenced to be hanged. Unfortunately, his gang rescued him, so Texas Ranger brothers Dan and John went after them.


What happens to Dan and the pursuing Texas Rangers, when chanced upon by outlaw Butch Cavendish and his gang in the desert mountains?

Dan Reid unknowingly led his team of Texas Rangers into a deadly ambush, including his own brother John. Unknown to him, one of his men was in cahoots with the outlaw Cavendish.


What kind of dead bird is part of Tonto’s head gear?

Tonto “wears” a stuffed dead crow like a crown on his head. Sometimes he treats it as if it’s still alive, feeding it and talking to it.


What kind of device is connected with the Tonto character?

It’s the 1800s and Native Americans like Tonto don’t have much access to the modern technology of the time, like a pocket watch. It was an important piece which made a dent in a certain time in his young life.


What does John Reid put on in order to hide from the people who killed his brother?

Tonto advised John Reid to put on a mask so his enemies don't recognize him. But John felt silly wearing it.


When Dan Reid’s Texas Rangers were ambushed, only John lived to avenge the others’ deaths. What animal helped revive John, which Tonto witnessed?

Tonto called John’s live-giver as a "spirit horse.” Apparently, the animal is powerful enough to bring a dead man back to life, in their local folklore.


When Tonto saw the dead Texas Rangers, he had an urge to do this to their bodies.

The kindhearted Tonto witnessed part of the ambush and saw who the real hero was in the shootouts. So he buried them right where he found them.


What color is the spirit horse that Tonto saw revive John Reid back from the dead?

The white spirit horse is supposed to be the noble spirit, as Tonto believed. The white horse will later have significance in the Lone Ranger storyline as his trusted horse.


Mining was another issue that figured prominently in the story. What precious metal were the bad guys trying to mine illegally?

The Native Americans were living near mountains full of silver ore. While it is common to them, it was an evil attraction for the “white man” as they wanted to conquer it and horde it for themselves.


Since Tonto witnessed John being raised from the dead by a spirit horse, he labeled him this.

In Tonto’s belief, the spirit walker is a special person because he crossed the path from being dead to being alive. This also gives rise to the belief that the spirit walker cannot be killed.


Dan, the original Texas Ranger leader, apparently left behind some relatives other than John, his brother. Who else did he have in his life?

Dan had a wife, Rebecca, and a son named Danny. John was protective of them, both with and without a mask.


Helena Bonham Carter played Red Harrington, a businesswoman, who ran a type of entertainment establishment for men. What is her business called?

Red Harrington is the flamboyantly-dressed madam of the town's brothel. She helps John Reid and Tonto with some needed information with the case they’re pursuing.


What part of Dan Reid did outlaw Butch Cavendish cut from the dead Texas Ranger’s body and eat?

Butch Cavendish is apparently fond of eating hearts. It was rumored he had once eaten one, but Tonto witnessed this for real when Cavendish ate Dan’s heart after the ambush.


Seeing Cavendish eat Dan Reid’s heart, Tonto called him a “wendigo." In their folklore, what characteristic does the heart-eating outlaw have with this evil spirit figure?

The wendigo is a native folkloric creature that manifests cannibalistic behavior. It is also a term used in psychology to refer to a person with that kind of tendency or behavior.


While the old west story being told is set in the 1800s, the film actually starts in the 1930s. What kind of storytelling device does The Long Ranger employ when retelling what happened in the past?

The Lone Ranger begins in 1933, but its story flashbacks to a past event. The entire film goes back to this “present” day and into the past, interchangeably, as Tonto narrates what happened in the past, while in the present time.


The film opens with the story set not in Texas, but in this California city. Which city was this?

San Francisco is the city the film features in the beginning. Apparently, Tonto is there, and he begins narrating his past story from that city.


Red Harrington has an artificial body part. What is it?

Red Harrington is not shy to say — or show — her artificial leg. It is made of good ivory, so it’s high quality.


In a flashback, a young Tonto helped a couple of injured white men and showed them their village’s silver mountain home. But greed took the best of the men. What did they do to Tonto’s tribe members in their village?

Cavendish plays a role in Tonto’s past, as he turns out to be one of the white men whom the young Comanche helped in their village. Unfortunately, the tribe got massacred so the silver mountain location won’t be revealed to others.


An elderly Tonto was part of the 1933 San Francisco state fair exhibit in the film’s opening, where he stands “displayed” with the label “The Noble ___” naming his exhibit.

Tonto was the displayed figure in The Noble Savage exhibit at the San Francisco state fair. As a young boy wearing a Lone Ranger outfit looks at him, the display comes alive.


What is Tonto’s favorite word to refer to someone whom he regards as a friend or good person?

Also spelled ke-mo sah-bee, Tonto uses the term to refer to a person he regards dearly. He calls John Reid Kemosabe all the time.


What weapon did The Lone Ranger carry with him?

As a true blue cowboy, the Lone Ranger carries a gun all the time. But he wants to use his mouth to defend himself most times, through talking.


The Lone Ranger had a gun, but Tonto had this weapon instead. What was it?

Tonto wields an axe at the beginning of the film. Seeing that his tribe doesn’t have guns for warfare, the axe also becomes a weapon for him.


What government troops did the evil railroad tycoon trick into killing the Comanche Native American people?

The US Cavalry was earlier called upon by railroad tycoon Cole to kill the Native Comanche people, which he branded as the ones who had earlier raided the frontier. But the Comanche later face off with the US Cavalry for real, during the silver mine incident.


Cole, the railroad tycoon, wants to spread his power, using force if necessary. This is because he wants to do this to the railroad business.

Cole blackmails the shareholders of the railroad company so that he becomes the chairman of the board. He wants to take over everything and uses his mined silver to fund his evil scheme.


Cole’s train is scheduled to leave for San Francisco with the silver he will use to buy off the railroad ownership. What do the Lone Ranger and Tonto do to stop this transaction?

The Lone Ranger and Tonto work together as a team to attempt a train robbery to stop the silver from reaching San Francisco. But they had the help of brothel madam, Red, in setting up the string of events, which eventually save the day — and the town and railroad business.


What did The Lone Ranger say while holding onto his hat as his horse, Silver, stood with its two front legs upright before galloping away?

Another popular catchphrase from the Lone Ranger is the “Hi-ho Silver, away!” shout he makes before galloping off into the sunset. But Tonto disapproves of it.


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