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Military vehicles are a testament to how creative and destructive people can be. However, military vehicles are also used for support and travel during combat operations. Take the Mighty Military Vehicles Quiz to find out more about how technology and creativity can be used for war.

Aside from building Beetles, Volkswagen also made the Schwimmwagen. Why were these military vehicles so special?

The Schwimmwagen was a "swimming car." It even had a propeller system that used the rear-mounted engine.


What is the name of this military land vehicle that became popular during the Gulf War?

The High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV), or Humvee for short, was actually designed to transport people and light cargo.. However, it was so hardy that it ended up being fitted even for urban combat engagements.


If you've watched World War II movies, then you've probably seen one of these tanks. What was it?

The Sherman tank was a marvel of production. In only three years, over 48,000 were made.. While it may not have been the best tank in the field, you can bet that its numbers and support for the soldiers made it a key to American victory in the war.


What made submarines so dangerous in the Cold War?

During the Cold War era, submarines on both sides carried nuclear missiles. The big submarine nightmare wasn't about one sailing into an enemy harbor, it was finding out how far they could be from the target and still fire their missiles accurately.


From what famous '50's-era bomber did a rock band borrow its name?

The B-52 Stratofortress is one of the oldest military plane series still in active operation. It has been constantly upgraded, and will be used until the 2040's.


What was it about the Universal Bren Gun Carrier that made it so important in the battlefield?

The Bren gun carrier was a successful multi-role unit. It could be a platform for many kinds of weapons, a troop carrier, an ambulance, and a gun tractor.


For what were the Arleigh Burke destroyers originally built?

Arleigh Burke destroyer types were first designed to handle Soviet sea and air attacks, specifically, submarines, aircraft, and missiles. They have expanded their reach to include anti-surface and strike capabilities.


Aside from its sky-high cost, what was the B-2 bomber's extreme specialty?

The B-2 bomber is famous for its stealth ability. This is the reason for its unusual shape as a flying wing, and why it has such expensive materials for its skin. It's not really invisible, but whatever the enemy radar sees probably won’t look like a bomber at all.


What makes the USS America (LHA-6),  a warship, so special for overseas fleet operations?

The USS America is a ship specifically designed for amphibious assault operations. It has a complement of fighters and troops for landing operations. However, the America's concentration on air units has caused some rumbling, as it doesn't have facilities for launching large amphibious forces in one go.


Before submarines became underwater missile silos, what were they supposed to do?

From the very beginning, military submarine vessels were designed to sink ships.


Why would you want a Progvev-T Gasdynamic trawler?

The Progvev-T is the unholy pairing of a T-34 tank chassis with a Mig-15 jet engine as a "cannon." The idea was to use the jet engine to blast mines ahead of the tank, clearing the way.


Aside from appearing as the lead plane type in the movie "Top Gun," what was the F-14 Tomcat fighter plane's claim to fame?

The F-14 has "swing" wings. They can move forward for more maneuverability at low speeds, and they can move backwards so the plane can go at higher speeds than what the wings in forward position would have allowed. It's time to buzz the tower.


The Kettenkrad is a "cute" military vehicle. What was it a mix of?

The Kettenkrad, or tracked motorcycle, is literally that. It had a front wheel and steering column that was much similar to a motorcycle, and at the same time, it had tank treads. It was used as a troop and support carrier that transport planes could fit in their cargo space.


Why was the Ekranoplan such a unique military vehicle?

The Lun-Class Ekranoplan - only one was ever built - was a military transport "something." It had the basic design of an airplane, but it only flew a few feet above the water, so it was also partially a boat. Weird as it may seem, it could carry about 100 tons of equipment or troops for a distance of a 1,000 over water, at more than 300 miles per hour.


What is a partner vehicle to the M1 Abrams tank supposed to do?

The M2 Bradley is designed to be a relatively fast-armored personnel carrier that can also double as a tank killer. Some variants are also missile platforms and mobile command centers.


Why would the B1-B Lancer be the big brother of the F-14 Tomcat?

The B1-B Lancer is a bomber with "swing" wings. It is still in service, and has been upgraded to keep it current with command and communications technology.


What is the Zil-35, and why is it a well-loved military vehicle in Communist countries?

The Zil-135 is an artillery truck that fires FROG-7 missiles, which can be tipped with nuclear, chemical, or biological warheads. While it may be old, it's been shipped to many countries, including North Korea. It's been modified to launch other kinds of missiles as well.


Why is the Vespa 150 TAP a "small, but terrible" military vehicle?

The Vespa 150 TAP is literally a scooter with a recoilless rifle mounted on it. In normal use, you'd have to remove the rifle from the scooter, and then mount it on its tripod. Ammunition would be carried by a separate scooter. However, it can supposedly be fired while mounted on the scooter, if needed.


What makes the M1 Abrams Tank a far cousin to an airplane?

The M1 Abrams tank has a turbine engine. This allows it to go up to 60 miles per hour, with all the safeties removed. On the other hand, it's a gas-guzzle. There are plans for replacement of the engine with an efficient diesel version.


While Hercules C-130 planes are usually used for military transport, what does the AC-130 version do?

The AC-130 is a frontline anti-ground military vehicle. Instead of cargo space, it has a multitude of weapons, including missiles, Vulcan cannons, and a 105mm howitzer.


What battle chopper can fill multiple roles in the field?

AH-64 Apache helicopters have been around since the mid-'80s, and have been outfitted to kill tanks, escort ground assets, and even control unarmed aerial vehicles.


When you say a Huey, what would Vietnam vets think about?

The UH-1 Iroquois, or Huey, was the go-to transport and support chopper of the Vietnam War era. It still sees service in different countries.


Why was the Harrier jet a favorite Cold War-era fighter design?

The Harrier jet plane design is the most successful vertical (or short) take-off and landing (V/STOL) vehicle of its time. It was designed as a light support fighter, and later found a role as a carrier-based fighter.


What puts the new Zumwalt at the cutting edge of military technology?

The Zumwalt destroyer class is tagged for the deployment of the first ship-mounted rail guns. Rail guns fire shells using electromagnetic acceleration in the barrel, allowing for extremely high velocities. The impact alone of a dead round can be very damaging.


For what was Venezuela's turtle-like Tortuga armored car specifically designed?

The Tortuga is an example of sending a message without declaring war. Publicly released in 1934, it was meant to signal to neighboring country, Colombia, that Venezuela was ready to fight if Colombia attempted to expand its borders.


Why was the battle of the CSS Virginia and the USS Monitor so important for military vehicle history?

The Monitor and Virginia were the first ironclad ships to meet in battle. Neither could sink or seriously damage the other.


Where there's a will, there's a way. What did the Turtle, a one-man submarine, use to destroy targets?

The Turtle was a one-man submarine made in 1775 by David Bushnell. It could fix explosives to a ship's hull with a drill. The submarine would then leave, and the explosive would blow up after it left. While the idea of a submarine being used as a military vehicle was confirmed, it had no successful operations.


What was the Gustav, and why did the German military build it in 1942?

The Gustav cannon, and its sister, Dora, were railway-transported cannons that were so large, their calibers measured 80 centimeters, or 31 inches. It could fire at targets 24 miles away. The first target was to be the French fortifications of the Maginot line.


What was the German Maus military vehicle?

The German Panzerkampfwagen VIII Maus was designated as a super-heavy tank when it was completed in 1944. It had a 128mm cannon, and was so big that the cannon actually looked small.


What is the Russian Tupolev Tu-95 "Bear" Bomber's big weakness?

The Tu-95 Bear bombers have really loud propeller engines. Supposedly, the tips of their propeller blades go faster than the speed of sound, making the bomber so loud, even submarine operators can hear them.


Why is the A-10 Thunderbolt military airplane a soldier's best friend?

The A-10 Thunderbolt, affectionately known as the "Warthog," is a plane that can withstand heavy ground fire, and kill tanks with its Gatling gun. It's so durable, it can fly with practically a third of the plane gone.


What kind of military vehicle is an LCAC?

The LCAC is a Landing Craft Air Cushion vehicle, in essence a hovercraft that can withstand combat action. They are usually used for transporting heavy equipment into landing zones from ships. They can carry up to 60 tons per trip, and have weapon mounts for machine guns and grenade launchers.


Some military motorcycles in history have become weapons platforms. What did they usually need to make this happen?

Most military motorcycles with weapons have them mounted on the sidecar. The mounted weapons are usually machine guns. One particular version is known as the Matchless-Vickers Machine Gun Motorcycle, from 1916. These days, you'd probably see them more as modified units, or in toys, such as the G.I. Joe Rapid Action Motorcycle.


The first military vehicles in history probably doubled as transport. What were they?

The first true military vehicles were probably horse carts that were used as weapons platforms, or for carrying spear men. Indeed, some researchers point to them more as transport, though they could still enter battle as armored transport for soldiers.


Back then, people already had fast, two-wheeled vehicles they could use for war. What were these vehicles?

After the battle wagons, chariots were the next to develop. Chariots were eventually used with long or extended range weapons, like spears and bows.


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