Respond With 1 Word to These Random Questions and We'll Guess the Last Time You Got Laid

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About This Quiz

There's nothing better than a random situation to teach us about ourselves or to give away our true merit. In fact, once you respond to the random scenarios we are going to put you in, we think we'll know the last time you got laid. While we won't share it with anyone, we will give you the option to let your friends know how you're doing in the bedroom department! 

As you romp through our questions, try to share the blankets with the response you think best fits your personality. Physical intimacy with other human beings affects our hormone levels, and our hormone levels control much of the way our emotions respond. Your reactions to the situations we've come up with will tell us all we need to know about the last time you were up close and personal with someone. 

You only have one word to respond to the scenarios you'll see, but it will speak volumes about the number of times a year you get lucky. Will your short responses tell us how long it has been for you, or will you be able to throw us off of your lusty trail? Don't be shy, and we'll get it right! Or will we?

How would you react to being given an ugly sweater for your birthday?

Which word sums up the way you would feel about walking into a room with toilet paper on your shoe?

If your boss started flirting with you, how would you react?

You ended up in line behind someone with body odor–which facial expression do you have?

If your coworker showed up wearing the same outfit as you, how would you handle it?

How would you react to getting stood up?

What would you do if someone flashed their bum at you you while driving down the highway?

You are asked to sing karaoke–how do you sound?

Your date will not stop talking about their ex–how do you handle it?

Which reaction would you have to being spotted doing the walk of shame?

What would you feel if a stranger paid for your coffee?

If your date fell asleep at dinner, what would you do?

If your new date's dog didn't like you, how would you feel?

Which word describes you when you are woken up early?

If your best friend asked you to help them move this weekend, what would you say?

You think your best friend's date has a crush on you–how do you feel?

What type of reaction would you have to spilling your drink on a date?

Someone you don't know wants to hug you–what do you think?

If your best friend told your crush that you like them, how would you feel?

Your date makes dinner for you, but it's horrible. What do you say?

Which word describes the way you would feel about being given a teddy bear?

You've just experienced love at first sight–how do you feel?

If you ran into your ex at a party, what would you do?

When you end a relationship, what are you like?

If you had a steamy dream about your neighbor, what would you do?

You just saw your boss naked–what are you feeling?

If you had a secret admirer, how would you feel about it?

Which word sums up the reaction you would have to a bad kiss?

If you fell in love with your best friend, what would you do?

You dropped food on your shirt during a date–what do you say?

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