Respond to These Random Situations and We'll Guess How Many People You've Slept With

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If you're anything like most people, you might feel sheepish about sharing the number of people you've slept with. Maybe you think your number is too high, or maybe you believe it's too low. Funnily enough, studies have shown that the majority of people aren't honest about the real number of partners they've had, altering it in order to impress others. The truth is, all this deception and shame is unnecessary. People should make choices based on their own moral code, not based on the fear that others will think less of them for being a virgin or having had lots of partners. 

In this quiz, we're going to try to guess your real number by asking you a series of very random questions! We want to know how you'd react to being offered a plate of boiled eels, whether you'd be stoked to go deep-sea diving and if you're afraid of the dark. Although it might seem like these questions have nothing to do with your romantic history, our quiz supercomputer will use them to guess the number of people you've slept with. Do you dare to find out if we'll get it right? Then it's time to play this quiz!

What's the craziest thing you'd do for five million dollars?

You get to rule the world for six months. What's the first thing you do?

Would you rather be 71 and very wealthy or 17 and very poor?

Your sister offers to pay for the two of you to go skydiving in Switzerland. Do you say yes?

If you could magically become proficient at any instrument, which one would you choose?

Zombies have taken over your town. Some people are staying to fight them; others are fleeing to the hills. What do you do?

Someone wants to buy you a luxury gift basket. What do you ask them to put in it?

You have to choose between obtaining true love, gaining three life-long friends or being admired by all your coworkers (past and present). Which option would you take?

Let's say you're at a wedding where you don't know anyone besides the bride. How do you have fun anyway?

If you could swap bodies with someone else for a day, who would you swap bodies with?

You're an astronaut. The higher-ups offer you a wild mission: being the first person to live on Mars. But you'll have to be alone there for at least six months. What do you say?

Pretend that it's 1861 and you live in Regency England. What kind of job would you most like to have?

If you could give yourself more confidence in a single area of your life, what would it be?

Would you rather be uncomfortably hot, uncomfortably cold, uncomfortably damp or uncomfortably itchy?

You can go on tour with any band, past or present, living or dead. Which band will you tour with?

Your boss orders you to move to a new country for one year and learn its language via immersion. If you can become fluent, you'll get a giant raise. Which country do you pick?

If someone offered you boiled eels at a dinner party, would you try them?

You have to give up one form of social media ... permanently. Which one would you choose to eliminate from your life?

One day, you find out your father, mother, uncles and aunts are all in the mob. They say you have to take a mob job too. Which one do you choose?

If you could talk to any early human or humanoid, such as a Homo Erectus, a Neanderthal or a Denisovan, who would you want to talk to?

What's the smallest house or apartment you could be comfortable living in?

Would you rather own an adorable puppy who constantly barks, an ugly cat who always purrs or a beautiful, sweet bird who smells weird?

A wizard shows up at your house and asks you to go on a quest. You ask him what it is; he says he has no time to explain. What do you do?

You're attending a costume contest. What do you dress up as?

Would you rather be famous for writing a one-hit wonder or an excellent musician who no one appreciates until they're dead?

What would scare you most: sailing a tiny rowboat by yourself to Tahiti, having to climb up a cliff in the rain or performing onstage in front of thousands of people?

If you could only wear one type of shoes for the rest of your life, what kind would you pick?

Would you rather live in a reality where dinosaurs still existed, where ghosts were real or where aliens lived alongside humans on Earth?

If you had to choose between smelling like pickles, hotdogs, onions or sauerkraut, which one would you pick?

Your next haircut can have only two of the following qualities: flattering, affordable or on-trend. Which two qualities would you find essential?

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