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Guilty of liking LA Law? Well, prove your case and answer this quiz!

Who is the influential creator of the 1980s show LA Law?

Bochco also created other TV hits like Doogie Howser, M.D. and NYPD Blue.


This legal drama depicted the professional and personal lives of workers employed in this fictitious kind of company.

In the series, this fictitious law firm is located in Los Angeles, California.


What was the name of the fictitious law firm featured in the TV show?

Only three of the four partners were active during the series’ run.


In its pilot episode, which of the four owners of the firm was found dead on his desk?

Chaney died of a heart attack.


The show presented topics considered risqué and brave during its 1986-1994 run. In its pilot alone, this kind of phobia topic was a major storyline.

In the pilot, a law firm partner fired a new employee when she revealed that she was a transgender undergoing gender transition.


Which of the four law firm owners was actually found in bed with his nemesis?

McKenzie was played by Richard Dysart.


This law firm owner's infidelity led to his wife filing for a divorce.

Brackman was played by Alan Rachins. Brackman’s wife was played by Joanna Frank, who is Rachins’ real-life wife.


Which of the law firm owners develops romantic inclinations and later forms a relationship with a deputy district attorney?

Kuzak was played by Harry Hamlin.


Who is the object of Michael Kuzak’s affection?

Van Owen was played by Susan Dey.


This divorce attorney, a partner in the firm, sometimes blurs professional and personal lines with his female clients.

Becker was played by Corbin Bernsen.


Lawyer Ann Kelsey had a relationship with which of her co-workers in the firm?

Kelsey was played by Jill Eikenberry. In real life, Kelsey is married to the actor who portrayed Markowitz.


Stuart Markowitz is what kind of lawyer?

Markowitz was played by Michael Tucker.


This LA Law character was an important addition to the visibility of Latino characters on television, especially during the '80s.

Due to this character, it is said that many Latinos were inspired to enter law school.


Who played the character of sexy and passionate lawyer Victor Sifuentes?

Smits is the son of a Surinamese father and Puerto Rican mother.


District attorney Grace Van Owen had this kind of reputation and also a nickname.

Van Owen’s softer side was shown, though, when she started having a relationship with Michael Kuzak.


Brackman often finds himself annoyed at the fact that some of their lawyers took on this kind of work.

Pro bono work includes the lawyers giving legal advice, even representing clients in court, without accepting any fee in return.


LA Law was also a pioneer in showing this kind of kiss on prime time television.

The same-sex kiss was between two females.


In that controversial but monumental same-sex kiss, associate Abby Perkins was the one who shared a kiss with a fellow female worker. Which lawyer was this?

Cj Lambs' kissing partner, Abby Perkins, was played by Michele Greene.


Who played CJ Lamb, the openly out bisexual lawyer on the show?

Donohoe also appeared with Jim Carrey in the comedy film Liar Liar.


LA Law also showed the lives of other staff, not just lawyers, like this kindhearted secretary of womanizer Arnie Becker.

Melman was played by Susan Ruttan.


From being a divorce lawyer, Arnie Becker surprised his seniors when he announced that he will shift into practicing this kind of law.

In a later season, Becker actually forges the two divisions when he made a “how-to” divorce video.


Producer Steven Bochco wanted to hire writers with a law background, so naturally, this lawyer-turned-writer/producer ended up working with him on LA Law.

From starting as a writer then a story editor, Kelley went on to become the show’s executive producer upon the departure of Bochco during the fourth season.


This young hotshot African-American lawyer joined the firm in season two.

Rollins was played by Blair Underwood.


Long after the show was cancelled, it was rumored that the Harvard grad Jonathan Rollins character could have been patterned after this real-life African-American law student achiever from Harvard.

Bochco gave Underwood’s character the back story of being the president of the Harvard Law Review. Obama later revealed that he was actually the first black president of the Harvard Law Review, and approached Underwood to tell this fact about himself.


This LA Law character’s death ranks high among the most shocking and/or memorable TV deaths of all time.

Shays was known as a ruthless attorney who was not well-liked in the law firm.


Just how did Rosalind Shays died in her iconic exit from the show?

In the scene, Shays was actually having a conversation with McKenzie before nonchalantly plunging to her death.


This female lawyer in Ally McBeal appeared in LA Law as a recurring character during its fourth season.

Thorne-Smith appeared in LA Law as a Laker Girl.


Voice actor Dan Castellaneta guested in the show, wearing this cartoon character costume of a character he famously voices.

Castellaneta guested during the opening episode of season seven.


What was the name of the law firm's office messenger falsely accused of rape at one point?

Stulwicz was played by Larry Drake.


Benny Stulwicz was another pivotal character on LA Law because of this particular characteristic.

This character showed PWDs in a positive light on television, a feat rarely done, especially during the '80s and '90s.


This actress, who started her career by appearing in Madonna’s music videos, played a secretary role in LA Law.

Mazar’s LA Law character, Denise Ianello, was a carryover role from another Steven Bochco legal drama show that got cancelled named Civil Wars.


This shrewd lawyer entered the show in season six as a brash and sometimes harsh partner in the law firm.

Bloom was played by Conchata Ferrell.


This actress, who is also a singer and songwriter, appeared as associate Melina Paros in the later seasons of the show.

Zane also acted in movies and on stage.


The show’s sexually charged storylines produced a memorable episode wherein the main characters were talking about this kind of sexual technique.

Although its details were never revealed, the Venus Butterfly technique is actually fictitious.


How many seasons did LA Law have?

The show aired on NBC.


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