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Buckle up, we're going to Walley World! You better hope they're open though! If not, you could end up riding a rollercoaster at gunpoint! You wouldn't want that now would you?!

In which year was the premiere of National Lampoon's Vacation?

National Lampoon's Vacation was released on July 29, 1983.

National Lampoon's Vacation was based off of a short story called "Vacation '58" written by...

John Hughes directed and/or wrote many of the popular comedy films of the 80s and early 90s.

How many sequels have resulted from National Lampoon's Vacation?

European Vacation, Christmas Vacation, Vegas Vacation and Vacation - spanning 3 decades!

National Lampoon's Vacation is a story about the ______ family.

The Griswolds are a family of four.

The main male character is ______ Griswold.

Clark Griswold wants to spend more time with his family, and this is the story of how he goes about (trying) to do so!

What is the name of Clark's wife?

Ellen is portrayed by actress Beverly D'Angelo.

Which actor plays the role of Clark Griswold?

Chevy Chase also helped to write National Lampoon's Vacation though not widely recognized as credited writer.

What is the name of Clark and Ellen's son?

Rusty is portrayed by actor Anthony Michael Hall.

What is the name of Clark and Ellen's daughter?

Audrey is portrayed by actress Dana Barron.

What is the name of "America's Favorite Family Fun Park"?

Walley World is a fictional amusement park.

Where are the Griswold's from?

They are from a suburb of Chicago.

Where is Walley World located?

Clark thinks it would be brilliant to drive cross-country with his family in order to spend more quality time with them.

In preparation of their cross-country trip, what does Clark buy?

Though he has ordered it, the car dealer says it won't be ready for 6 weeks.

The Griswolds are forced to take the Wagon Queen Family _________ on their road trip.

This is an out-sized, super ugly station wagon!

What did the car dealership do with Clark's trade-in car?

They hauled it away and a machine crushed it, forcing him to take the Family Truckster!

Where does the Griswold's car get vandalized?

They take a wrong turn and end up in a rough area of the city where their hubcaps are stolen and graffiti is painted onto the side of their car.

While driving, Clark is teased by a sexy lady in a ________.

It is a 1983 red Ferrari 308 GTS.

What is the name of the actress driving the red Ferrari?

Christie Brinkley was born in Michigan on February 2, 1954.

What is the name of Ellen's cousin?

Catherine is portrayed by actress Miriam Flynn.

Who is Cousin Catherine's husband?

Eddie is portrayed by actor Randy Quaid, brother of Dennis Quaid.

"The Moose says you're closed, _________"

Marty Moose says, "Sorry, folks! We're closed for two weeks to clean and repair America's favorite family fun park. Sorry, uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh!"

Where do Catherine and Eddie live?

They live just outside of Coolidge, Kansas, so the family stops to visit along their trip.

How much money does Eddie ask Clark for upon leaving?

Cousin Eddie says he needs about $52,000, but Clark settles on $500.

Who leaves Kansas with the Griswolds?

Catherine and Eddie ask Clark to drop Edna and her dog off at her son's home in Phoenix.

What is the name of Aunt Edna's dog?

Dinky is a vicious dog!

What happens to Aunt Edna on the ride to Phoenix?

She passed away in her sleep.

Where do the Griswold's leave Aunt Edna when they reach Normy's home?

Normy is not home, and so they leave Edna in a lawn chair out in the backyard!

What major tourist attraction do the Griswold's visit when they get to Arizona?

Clark says of the Grand Canyon, "Jesus, it's only the biggest damn hole in the world!"

What does Clark steal from a the Grand Canyon Village hotel?

He leaves a check for $1,000 in exchange for stealing all of the money out of the hotel's cash register.

Why does Clark scream when he attempts to skinny dip in the motel's pool?

He was trying to go skinny dipping with the sexy woman from the red Ferrari, but ended up waking up his whole family instead.

What happens when the family finally reaches Walley World?

They make their way into the park anyways...

Which famous actor plays the role of Russ Lasky, security guard for Walley World?

John Candy died of a heart attack at the young age of 43.

How does Clark threaten the security guard to open the park for the Griswolds?

But the BB gun was fake!

Who sympathizes with Clark for trying to plan the perfect family vacation?

Roy Walley hears Clark out and recognizes he was only trying to be a good family man, he decides not to file criminal charges against them and let's the family enjoy the park as his guests.

In the final frame of the movie, how are the family traveling back to Chicago?

They left their gas-guzzling problem station wagon family truckster back in California!

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