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Fast food chains all have their yummy specialities, and we all have our distinct favorites. But when it comes to their slogans, we also have our set of faves, as these taglines go with us long after we've left the store. Think you know these memorable and famous slogans of select chains? Then take this fast food quiz and find out!

Over the decades, we've come to love this burger joint that proudly reflected what we feel in its "I'm lovin' it" slogan. Which store is this?

McDonald's "I'm lovin' it" slogan is also translated in various languages depending on where you are in the world. Some countries even adapt the slogan to their colloquial way of saying it.

When this chicken joint tells us that it's "Finger-lickin' good," it's not entirely kidding about it! Which store is this?

For the kiddos out there, KFC means Kentucky Fried Chicken. Their finger-lickin' good chicken came from a real Col. Sanders who opened this joint decades ago.

When it says it's "The Home of the Whopper," it's nothing violent, folks. Which store is this?

Burger King has many slogans developed over the years. This one is memorable for highlighting its famous burger product.

When they claim they're "The Pizza Delivery Experts," let's believe them since it might be true. Which store is this?

Domino's Pizza has a great slogan that highlights service. Pizza delivery is a tricky thing, so this is a good business focus.

I want! I want! is the declaration of this Mexican place as it put its slogan "Yo Quiero" in front of its name. Which store is this?

Taco Bell's "Yo Quiero Taco Bell" is but one of its popular Spanish slogans that's also used worldwide. The other one is "Live mas," meaning live more.

Perhaps a seafood place will be the one to have the guts to declare "We speak fish" as its slogan. Which store is this?

Long John Silver's is a famous fish and shrimp place in the USA. So yeah, they definitely know fish, and other underwater yummies.

When this sandwich place declares that you visit them because "Now That Your Tastes Have Grown Up," you know they're not clowning around! Which store is this?

Arby’s roast-focused sandwiches are deemed a bit more mature than the regular burger joint offering indeed, hence the slogan. They have roast beef, roast turkey and roast chicken, to name a few.

When this sandwich place urges you to "eat fresh," it's suggesting that its products are indeed fresh. Which place is this?

Subway suggests that its is "the way a sandwich should be" because you need to "eat fresh." Indeed, it is fresh, since you can see them make your sandwich in front of you.

This burrito and taco place is very confident that it serves "Food with integrity." Which store is this?

Chipotle Mexican Grill is famous for its Mission-style burritos. And yep, they serve tacos with integrity.

"This is how you ___," so declared this cute and famous drive-in fast food place, where the servers are in roller skates and they bring your food while you're inside your parked car. Which store is this?

Sonic evokes vintage Americana with its carhop style of fast food service. It's good to see that this tradition still lives on, all over the USA.

When this burger joint declares that "Quality is our recipe," you better believe them, for they won't last long in this biz if they were lying! Which female-named store is this?

Wendy’s burgers and fries withstood the test of time, as it still stands strong today. The first store opened way back in 1969.

This famous sub sandwich place declares a palatable slogan with "Mmmmm … Toasty!" Which store is this?

Quiznos Sub Sandwich Restaurants proudly declare a yummy and toasty slogan to sell their food stuff. Their popular subs are indeed a toasty testament to this tasty tagline.

This family-centered fast food place invites young and old folks alike, since they say this is the place "Where a kid can be a kid." Which place is this?

Chuck E. Cheese's is actually a pizza place that offers other food stuff. But the eatery is enclosed in an entertainment center that's geared primarily for kids to play around with.

Primarily a desserts place, this joint says it has "Hot Eats, Cool Treats." Which place is this?

Dairy Queen also has another slogan that capitalizes on its initials. It goes like this: "So Good It's RiDQulous."

Since the place is also the name of a popular soda, they had to declare that their place is "Where the food’s as good as the root beer." Which fast food place is this?

A&W got famous for their root beer and of course the restaurant chains that followed. A&W stands for Allen and Wright, the names of the owners/founders.

This burger joint claims to answer desires, since their slogan says "The crave is a powerful thing" so you have to come to them for satisfaction. Which place is this?

White Castle burgers are available in supermarkets, too. So you can head to your favorite grocery and shop for it, if the crave for sliders strikes!

This unapologetic chain proudly declares that they are "Delightfully tacky, yet unrefined." Which store is this?

Hooters is indeed tacky for people who find their "main idea" unrefined -- that is, having servers "flaunt" their cleavage while serving food. But to others, it's just humorously fun.

Since this sandwich place specializes on delivering sandwiches to your doorstep, one of their slogans is "You buy. We fly." Which store is this?

Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches have great customer service when it comes to delivery. Apparently, they also have great labor practices now, as a result of some policy revamps.

This beverage-led New York-originated shop claims that they "Stand for something good," and so should you! Which store is this?

Shake Shack started in New York City. Today, it also has franchises in key cities around the world.

This worldwide pizza joint recently changed its slogan, but it's still known for the last one, which said "Make it great." Which place is this?

Pizza Hut is still makin' it great, even if its current slogan says "No one outpizzas the hut." Not as catchy as the last, but still, great pizzas!

This breakfast place urges you to "Come hungry. Leave happy." With its huge selection, this rings true! What place is this?

IHOP, or International House of Pancakes, is a favorite breakfast place of many. It also has many international branches.

This daddy-led pizza joint declares that it has "Better Ingredients. Better Pizza." Which place is this?

Papa John's Pizza is famous for its delivery service and takeout menu as well. The pizza place also has international branches now.

This chicken joint urged customers to create their slogan, and one came up with “Without The Flame, It Ain't The Same.” Which place is this?

El Pollo Loco offers grilled chicken goodness the Mexican way. The name means "crazy chicken."

Primarily a burger joint, this place claims that "We don’t make it until you order it." Which toy-sounding place is this?

Jack in the Box is a popular burger joint that's easy to spot around town. Their red box logo is an easy eye-catcher.

This doughnut shop claims that "America runs on __," meaning their brand. Which shop is this?

Dunkin' Donuts claims that America runs on Dunkin. With a lotta branches all over, that could be true worldwide as well.

This casual dining food chain carries the slogan "It's a whole new neighborhood" as it serves its famous riblets. Which store is this?

Applebee's focuses on casual dining fare. Its menu is full of salads, steaks, seafood, burgers and other kinda-fine dining options, at more affordable prices.

When your food chain is focused on celebrating a day, they rightfully claim that "In here, it's always ___" that day! Which casual dining place is this?

TGI Fridays is a recognizable worldwide brand of casual dining places. It serves food fast, and the alcoholic drinks even faster!

This ice cream joint highlights its offerings through its slogan of "31 flavors." Which place is this?

Baskin Robbins delivers its 31 flavors promise by offering that number of variants. They also have sugar free and other options for those who are avoiding super sweet ice cream treats.

This chicken place entices you to "Eat Mor Chikin" even if the slogan is being carried by a cow! Which store is this?

Chick-fil-A is famous for its chicken sandwiches. However, it became infamous when it got embroiled in a same-sex marriage controversy around 2011-2012, until it released a disclaimer about being neutral in the issue.

This popular hot dog chain describes its transformation as "From a Hot-Dog to a National Habit." Which chain is this?

Nathan's Famous indeed carries a kind of New Yorker pride since the hot dog stand is now famous all over the country. It also has franchises internationally.

This burger joint proudly declares that "That's what a hamburger's all about." Which place is this?

In-N-Out has the simplest menu, ever, for a burger joint. Perhaps that's what they're also all about -- keeping it simple, and reliable, over the decades.

This smoothie chain encourages healthy living -- or slurping -- with its slogan that says "Live fruitfully." What chain is this?

Jamba Juice originated as a school project which evolved into a huge business. It has many international branches, aside from the domestic ones.

This baked goods chain claims that "Life needs frosting." Which bun-oriented place is this?

Cinnabon is a baked goods store, but it also has a sit-down cafe area. It's good for a quick cuppa with their famous cinnamon buns.

This American Chinese casual restaurant declares that its name is "Chinese for: Yummy." Which store is this?

Panda Express is indeed a yummy place to get Chinese food. We highly recommend the orange chicken!

This famous drive-through fast food joint has the slogan "little place. BIG TASTE." Which burgers and dogs and shakes place is this?

Checkers and Rally's existed as separate drive-thru fast food joints. Good thing the two had similar concepts, as they merged seamlessly later on.

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