React to These Terms of Endearment and We'll Guess Your Relationship Status

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How does it make you feel when you overhear a couple calling each other "baby"? Is the trend of calling cute guys "Daddy" fun or in bad taste? What do you call your own loved ones? 

The silly names people call their mates can evoke a lot of opinions. Some people can't stand how certain women call their husbands "DH" on internet forums, while other people are nauseated by the persistence of endearments like "my old lady." Millennial slang like "bae" annoys many, while a grandpa who refers to his wife as his "missus" will definitely confuse any younger people that he is talking to.

Why are these love terms so controversial? We suspect it has something to do with your relationship status. Single people who are struggling to find love might be extra frustrated by teens who coo "boo" at each other. A newlywed guy, just back from his honeymoon, may not be able to understand why no one likes to listen to him discuss his "wifey." And long-married couples might be so over the endearment stage of their relationship that people who address each other as "mi amour" are totally mystifying! If you're curious about whether your reactions to common endearments can reveal your relationship status, we invite you to play this quiz!

What would you do if your new partner called you their "lover"?

You're feeling affectionate and want to show that to your partner. Would you call them "bae" or no?

Mike Pence refers to his wife as "Mother," an old-fashioned custom that's not so common today. Would you ever address your wife as "Mother" or your husband as "Father"?

In the 1950s, people who were exclusively dating used to call their boyfriend or girlfriend "my steady." Does the history buff in you wish that people still did that?

How would it make you feel if your male partner called you "Princess"?

A decade into the future, you and your partner are the kind of married couple who acts as if each other's name is "babe." Are you pleased or displeased by this?

People in motorcycle gangs sometimes call their partners "my old man" or "my old lady." Would you ever call your partner that?

You're dating someone 10 years older than you. At a barbecue you're attending, you overhear him referring to you as "my main squeeze." What do you do?

While chatting with your best friend, you notice he refers to his female partner as his "wifey." Do you think he's being kind of cute or are you grossed out?

It's 2019. Is it still OK​ to call your partner your "boo"?

You're on your third date with a new person. Out of the blue, they ask, "More butter, my love?" How would you react?

Imagine you're male. Your partner strokes your arm and calls you "big boy." Are you comfortable with this?

Let's say you're a single female. On a dating website, you get a message from a man who addresses you as "milady." Do you write him back?

Your partner wakes you up by calling out, "Pookie! Coffee's ready!" What's your response?

Biggie Smalls famously declared that he liked being called "Big Poppa." Have you ever called someone "Big Poppa"? Would you?

Let's say you're deeply in love. Would you consider calling your love "sweetums"?

Lately, your sister won't stop calling your husband your "hubby." Do you ask her to stop or not?

In the olden days, people referred to their fiancé or fiancée as "my intended." Should we bring back this custom?

Currently, some younger people call handsome men "Daddy" or "Zaddy." What do you think about this?

In some internet circles, it's become common to refer to your husband as "DH," meaning "Dear Husband." Would you ever do this?

Parents of pets sometimes refer to each other as "Mommy" and "Daddy" when talking to their cat or dog. What would you do if your boyfriend started doing this when talking to your Corgi?

Have you ever called a partner your "precious"?

If your partner called you "pumpkin," would it make you feel like they were being condescending?

Rumor has it that people in the 1980s occasionally called the men they liked "studmuffins." Do you believe this?

Back in the day, hippies sometimes called their partners "my man" or "my woman." Would you consider reviving this endearment?

Elvis once sang that he wanted to be your "lovin' teddy bear." If a young Elvis asked you that personally, would you say yes or no to him?

Imagine you're a young woman working her first professional job. Your older male boss starts calling you "angel." Would you correct him?

Let's say you're married. What do you think of calling your spouse your "mister" or "missus"?

You're dumping someone. They say, "Don't leave me, mi amour!" Is that enough to melt your heart, or do you hate the endearment, "mi amour"?

For some strange reason, a significant percentage of people like to refer to their partners as "kiddo," despite the fact that they're both adults. Would you let your mate get away with saying that to you?

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