React to These Beauty Trends and We'll Guess Your Age

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We all have our beauty do's and don'ts. Some of us crave a glam face full of glitter and shine, and we never leave the house without our lashes on, and others of us live for a look so subtle others might not even know we have any makeup on at all. Makeup is very personal, and people can have strong opinions on everything from the ideal lip liner to how thick or thin eyebrows should really be. But can your eyebrow opinions reveal some truths about you? Can we guess your age based on whether you love liquid lipstick, or love to pass it right on by? 

Are you a full coverage queen or is your face a tinted moisturizer only zone? And do you love or hate colorful mascara? Would you be caught dead with turquoise or purple lashes? Let us know, and we will try to guess your age. While most of us have an old lipstick or two hidden in the depths of our makeup bags, there might be some exciting and unexpected secrets as well. 

So, put us to the test! React to these makeup trends and see if we can figure out your age! 

Do you live for the glass skin trend?

Right now, the bigger the brow, the better. Are you into bold brows?

Colorful mascara is in. Which color other than black would you be most likely to buy?

Lip gloss is an old makeup staple, but would you wear face gloss?

Liquid lipsticks took the beauty world by storm, but are they a staple for you?

Beauty blenders are huge, but some people say that they waste product by absorbing most of it. Do you think beauty blenders are a scam?

Gold is a trendy ingredient in luxury skincare. How do you feel about that?

Some skin care companies are known for fragranced makeup. Do you want your foundation or color cosmetics to smell like flowers, makeup, candy and things like that?

It can feel like there is a new trend when it comes to lip products every week. What finish do you go for?

Which brow product is a staple for you?

Which of these K-beauty trends can you get behind the most?

What influences you most when buying skincare?

Cannabis oil is super trendy right now in skincare and makeup. Are you here for it?

How do you feel about super graphic bold eyeliner looks?

Many brands are coming out with color cosmetics with a jelly texture. Does that interest you?

Monochromatic eyeshadow palettes are all the rage. Would you go for a palette that's 20 shades of blue?

Long ornate fake nails are more popular now than ever. Are you into it?

People are washing their hair less and piling on dry shampoo to try and make their hairstyles last these days. Are you a dry shampoo fiend?

Glitter is always a cosmetic staple, but how it's used changes. How do you like glitter for the face?

Bold eyeshadow colors are in for spring and summer. Would you ever rock a magenta or turquoise eye?

Metallic lip colors are a divisive trend. Do you love them or hate them?

Cat eye liner has been in for a few years. Do you like it?

Bold lips and minimal eye makeup is a huge fashion trend that not everyone embraces. Is it for you?

Black lipstick is edgy and definitely on trend. Would you wear it?

Do you like neon eyeliner?

How do you feel about the no-makeup makeup trend?

Sheer lip products are on trend. How do you feel about them?

Gold eyeshadow is in for spring and summer, but is it in for you?

Sheer, minimal makeup is very on trend. Do you like that?

Contouring has been all the rage for a few years. How do you think it looks?

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