Rate These Dogs and We’ll Guess With Which Dog Breed You Match.

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About This Quiz

Owning a dog is a lot like owning a car: both dogs and cars can last a decade or more, they take work to maintain, and some people have very strong feelings about the specific types. The difference is that unlike a car, you can't just sell a dog if you decide you don't like it after six months. Dogs are sentient, if not highly intelligent, and they bond with the family in which they grow up. Thus, unlike picking the best Kia, you really have to make a careful choice about what dog you like best because you will be stuck with your choice for the length of the dog's life. Some dogs only live about five to seven years, but there are dogs that can live up to 20 years, and that's a lot of lifestyle choices made on behalf of a pet.

"How do I know which dog breed is for me?" you ask. We came up with a way to make this easy. We will present you with a series of dogs you will rate on specific characteristics, and from this data set, we will extrapolate the perfect dog breed for you. After that, if you want to become a dog owner, that's on you. We just hope if you do go down that road, you make an informed decision.

Which dog do you rate the highest as a companion for when you're snowed in all day?

You've fallen down a well! What dog do you consider the best-rated rescuer?

After a breakup, you don't feel amazing. How do you rate these breeds by which one is qualified to comfort you?

Which of these dogs would you rate highly to lie nicely at your feet while you read a book?

A dog jump jumps on you while you are wearing your brand new dry clean only jacket! Which breed do you assess as the least problematic in this situation?

You're walking down a dark alley. Which dog would you rate as ready to protect you?

You've made a lovely dinner and need to run into the other room for a second. Can you rate these dogs according to which is most capable of NOT eating your dinner while you are out?

How do you rate these breeds by which one is the most dependable alarm clock?

In dating, which dog will you rate highly as a wingdog to help reel in the most attractive partner?

What dog would you rate highest, measured by their ability to pull off hundreds of little outfits?

You're planning to go on "America's Got Talent." What dog will be highest rated by the judges?

You need a great dog for less than $200. How do you rate these breeds by which gives the most bark for your buck?

To deter burglars, you decide to hang a picture of a dog on your gate. Whose picture do you rate the most terrifying?

Which dog do you rate most likely to persuade your boss to let them come to the office?

You're on a fitness kick. Which breed do you give the best rating when it comes to keeping you motivated to work out?

You're headed out of town for a week. Which dog do you rate as most likely to persuade your parents to dog-sit?

You've gotten a great date, and they say they have a dog. How do you rate these breeds by which is most appealing for them to have?

You discover you are pregnant. Which dog do you rate as the safest one to have around your baby?

You're living on a working farm. Can you rate these dogs to choose the best farmhand?

You're anxious and about to get on a 14-hour flight. Which dog would you rate as the best-rated emotional support animal?

Your mean neighbor is bullying you again. Which dog's growl do you give an A grade in scaring them off?

Your home's heating is on the fritz and it's really cold outside! Which dog is highly rated to prevent you from getting hypothermia by cuddling you?

You've been selected to spend six months in space! Which dog has all the necessary ratings to get you safely to the ISS?

You're going camping and need help catching dinner. Which hound do you rate as up for the task?

How do you rate these breeds by which is most qualfied to help your disabled relative as a service animal?

Which dog do you rate most able to soil the largest number of sandcastles on the beach?

Can you rate these dogs for which one can draw the largest Instagram following thus allowing you to monetize them and quit your job?

You're a bit of a geek. How might you rate these breeds against the benchmark of, "Able to pull off being named for a character from Star Wars"?

Which dog breed is rated to carry the most optimal number of tennis balls?

Can you rate these breeds according to which has the best shot at melting the icy heart of your cruel relative who hates dogs?

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