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The music of the '80s has long had a love it or hate it relationship with the masses. Those who lived through it find great nostalgia with a golden era of rock and pop. Others see the cliched hair, drabby neon fashion and synthesized sounds. This was the decade that put music on television and saw the baby boomer teen idols fade away into a genre called "the oldies."

The world was in a transition phase in the '80s that would see the fall of communism and the rise of technology. The music born out of the '80s would be as iconic as the crumbling of the Berlin Wall. A new music genre called rap was emerging and finding a place among country stars, pop icons and a new brand of hard rock complete with long hair and make-up. The decade was peppered with bands from Britain creating a new wave invasion. In the U.S., the music was diverse and bridged a gap between angry punk and flashy disco of the '70s into a melting pot of love songs, hard rock and political anthems.

For those who choose to venture back head first into the decade of music from the '80s, they will be pleasantly surprised by the genuinely good music that was produced. Even if the music is not as good as you remember it, surely a wave of nostalgia will wash over you. So, put on your parachute pants and pick your favorite hits from the '80s and we'll guess your eye color!

The '80s were all about big hair. Which of these hair metal songs is your jam?

Some songs tug at your heartstrings. Which '80s song brings a tear to your eye?

Which song gets your adrenaline pumping?

Rap music grew up in the '80s. What rap song do you like to throw on the turntable?

Which of these songs makes your crank up the volume?

We know girls just want to have fun, but which of these Cyndi Lauper songs is your good time?

Everyone goes through a breakup. What song soothes your broken heart?

MTV ruled the TV airways in the '80s. What song did you like the best for the music video?

You like to rock out every now and then. Which song gets your head banging?

Sometimes you like your rock a little softer. Which of these '80s soft rock classics is your favorite?

The Brits may have invaded in the '60s but which song from a British artist brings out your inner '80s accent?

Bruce Springsteen was a hero of the working class in the '80s. Which anthem from the Boss is your favorite?

The power ballad was born in the '80s. Which hair band song brings out your sensitive side?

When you put on your dance shoes, which '80s hit is your favorite?

The music of the '80s was a soundtrack for teen angst. Which angsty anthem brings back the awkward memories?

Michael Jackson was one of the biggest stars of the '80s. What song is your favorite from the King of Pop?

In the '80s the hair was big, the slang was weird, and the fashion was neon. Which song best represents this decade for you?

Madonna was a hit-making machine in the '80s. Which Madonna song is your fave '80s tune?

Which '80s hit makes you want to bust out your synthesizer?

Musicians love to write songs about drinking booze. What is your favorite '80s song when you're throwing back a few drinks?

What is your favorite country song from the '80s?

It only takes one hit to thrust an artist into music infamy. Which is your favorite one-hit wonder song from the '80s?

What is your favorite song from Van Halen's classic album, "1984?"

Which '80s song did you put on before a Jazzercise workout?

The ladies ruled the 80's. Which song is your favorite from an '80s female singer?

Which '80s new wave hit gets your fix?

"Appetite For Destruction" was the breakout album for '80s rock gods, Guns 'N' Roses. What is your favorite song from the album?

What is your favorite '80s song that's heavy on the piano?

What '80s cover song is your favorite?

Which of these songs is on your playlist when you are feeling romantic?

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