Quiz: Can We Guess When You'll Meet Your Soulmate From These Yes or No Questions?

Emily Maggrett

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About This Quiz

Finding your soulmate can be tricky. Your married friends all seem to have annoying stories about how they met "The One" when they were least expecting it. Here's the thing: that's a cliché for a reason! Much as we might like to be able to predict when we'll meet our soulmate (so that we can be appropriately dolled up), you can't hurry love. Fate operates on its own schedule, not yours. That is, until now!

In this quiz, we're going to help you diagnose your readiness for love, so you can see whether you're due to finally find your soulmate or if that wonderful day is still far in the distance. Through questions about your openness, romantic ideals, dating preferences and personal goals, we'll be able to figure out if there's room for true love in your life or if you need more time on your own. Remember, there's no shame in being single, as not all who wander are lost! If you're young (or just young at heart), it's fine to be still exploring. 

So, would you like to find out whether Mr. or Ms. Right is right around the corner? Stop tinkering with your Tinder profile and play this quiz!

Do you fall in love easily?

Have you ever dated someone for longer than six months?

In your opinion, is being single a bad thing?

Do you plan on leaving your current city in the next five years?

Have you ever been in love with someone who was not good for you?

Would you date someone who was perfect in every way for you, except for their looks?

Are you the one who tends to initiate your break-ups?

Can you see yourself being happily monogamous for more than a year?

Are your partners more important to you than your friends?

Do you have a lot of romantic experience?

Would you ever use a dating app to meet someone?

Are you shy?

Do you believe in the idea of "The One"?

Can you handle being rejected?

Would you go to a party where you only knew one person?

Are you hoping to get married and have kids soon?

Has anyone ever called you "perfect boyfriend material" or "perfect girlfriend material"?

In your opinion, are you good at flirting?

Are you a romantic?

If a stranger at a bar asked you out, would you say yes?

Do you feel happy when you're hanging out by yourself?

Have you ever lied about your dating history to a crush?

Are you willing to be with someone significantly older than you?

Has anyone ever called you "guarded"?

Are you chill?

Have you ever asked someone on a date?

Do you have a dog?

When you get ready in the morning, do you dress to impress?

Do you like giving and receiving hugs?

Are you ready to settle down?

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