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You might find yourself lost if you're visiting Canada. Not only because the country is one of the largest in the world, but also because there is some interesting slang used there! While Canada as a whole shares many slang words, certain areas of the country also have slang words used within these smaller vicinities. For example, some slang terms are used more heavily in Western Canada, while others are unique to Eastern Canada. Think you know all about them?

If you know a thing or two about some Canadian items and places, then you're halfway there. Tim Horton's is one example of a place that has created tons of Canadian slang to enjoy. Ordering a coffee or a donut can be art at times! There is a slang term for almost any situation. Chances are that you're wearing a piece of clothing or using something on a daily basis that uses a Canadian slang term. "Serviette," "garburator" and "bunny-hug" are all great examples of slang used in Canada. Some of it is surprising!

So, think you can speak like a Canadian, or think you could be a Canadian slang dictionary? Then it's time to prove all of that knowledge by taking the quiz!

Timmies is one important place to Canadians. Do you know what it is?

One of the most famous coffee shops in Canada is Tim Horton's, which is known as "Tims" or "Timmies" for short. There's nothing like stopping by daily for a coffee on your way to work to make the day a little easier on you!


What is the name of this item which is used when sledding in the snow?

A toboggan is one item you don't want to forget during a good Canadian winter. These sleds give Canadians endless hours of fun sliding down snowy hills at fast speeds. Nowadays, they come in many different variations and styles, but one of the most recognized is the long sled with a curved front.


Of the following, do you know what goes into a “parkade?”

A parkade is the word that Canadians use for their parking garages. A regular outdoor parking lot is called just that, but the indoor ones are the subject of this cool-sounding word. It’s a useful term to know if you’re ever taking directions from a Canadian!


One of the most famous slang terms in the country rhymes with a letter. What is it?

It's hard to get around Canada without hearing the famous Canadian word, "eh." Canadians all over the country use the word on a daily basis for many reasons. For example, you can use it to ask for agreement. Pretty cool, eh?


You might hear one person call another a “hoser” in Canada. Which word is synonymous with this?

A “hoser” in Canada is another word used in order to call someone a loser. While it’s not a very nice term, it can often be used in a joking manner rather than with malicious intent. Either way, it’s probably not one to remember!


A “serviette” is what in Canada?

A serviette is just a fancy word that Canadians use in place of napkin. It's actually French for "napkin." However, even though they use this much fancier term, napkin will also work just fine. They both have the same purpose, after all!


What might a Canadian call "runners?"

Canadians call their sneakers "runners." Despite Canada having a much different name for the shoes than America does, Britain also has a unique one. They call them, "trainers" instead. There are so many different names for one useful item.


"The Habs" is a slang term used for a certain hockey team. Can you name them?

The Montreal Canadiens are known as the Habs in Canada, which is short for Les Habitants. If you look closely at the logo for the hockey team, you'll be able to see a little "H" in the middle of the large "C."


Which city is known as the “6ix” in Canada?

The 6ix is a term that became popular thanks to Drake, who comes from this iconic Canadian city. It comes from the area code that is used before phone numbers in the Toronto area, which is 416, but there is also another, which is 647.


Your trip to Canada isn't complete without trying out this awesome drink. What is a "Double Double?"

A Double Double is one great drink from Tim Horton's that many Canadians love to enjoy on their way to work. It consists of adding two parts of milk and two parts of sugar to a coffee. It's a simple drink with a unique name!


What the United States knows as soda is known as something different in Canada. What do Canadians call this?

What is known as soda in the United States, is known as "pop" in Canada. But this isn't the only word used for these canned drinks. Another common term you'll hear in Canada is the term "soft drink."


A "washroom" is which of these areas in Canada?

Really need to use the bathroom while on a trip to Canada? Luckily, you don't necessarily have to use the word "washroom," as "bathroom" is commonly used as well. But it is a unique word used by Canadians!


You wear this on your head. What is it?

This warm hat is usually used in the winter and it is similar to what others know as the beanie. A toque is something you'll want to have in the winter months in Canada. It can get pretty cold some days.


The word "klick" commonly comes up when you're talking about driving in Canada. What is it slang for?

"Klicks" is short for kilometer, and often used in relation to how fast someone was going. For example, you might hear it in a sentence like this: "I was going about 80 klicks on the highway on the way here."


If you get yourself into a "kerfuffle," what are you in?

Getting yourself into a kerfuffle is usually not something you would want to do. It can be caused by many different things, such as a disagreement or other misunderstanding. Typically, kerfuffles aren't huge arguments, but rather smaller and easier to stop.


This school supply used for coloring is known as something different in Canada. Can you name it?

A pencil crayon in Canada is known as a colored pencil in many other places around the world. While we all know that there is a big difference between a pencil and a crayon, they both do a similar job, which is adding color to the page.


Which slang word is used to refer to a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police?

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, or RCMP for short, are commonly called Mounties. These officers are usually found riding horses and take part in many ceremonies around the entire country.


Do you know what a "bunny-hug" really means in Canada?

A "bunny-hug" is a word used for a sweater, which specifically has a hood. While this term isn't typically used around the country as a whole, it's useful if you're in Saskatchewan where it is most commonly heard.


Time to relax on a Canadian couch. Do you know what they’re called in Canada?

A Chesterfield is the name of a couch in Canada, though it’s not as common to hear as it once was. It gets its name from an actual style of couches known as Chesterfields, but has since turned into a blanket term for the furniture.


Common to hear in Quebec, "dep" is short for what?

The depanneur is the French name used for a corner store in Quebec. If you're ever in the area and someone asks you to pick up something at the local "dep," now you'll know where to go!


The word "zed" is used for a letter in Canada, but do you know which letter it refers to?

In America, it's common to hear the letter pronounced as "zee," but in many other places such as Canada, "zed" is the most common way to hear it pronounced. This pronounciation comes from the Greek language and the French language.


What does it mean to "hang a roger?"

This term is common to hear while driving in Canada. While this is used to tell someone to turn right, the opposite is "hang a larry," which means to turn left. Remember which is which if you're ever driving with a Canadian!


If you're extra eager, especially in school, you might be known as what in Canada?

A keener is a very eager kid in school or even in the workplace who is enthusiastic and eager about their studies or work. They may spend a lot of time talking with their teacher or boss in hopes of getting promotions or good grades.


This delicious treat is called a “freezie” in Canada. Which of the following is it?

A freezie is a treat that is found in other areas as well as Canada, but this is the name it takes on in the north. In America, it is better known as a freeze pop, the delicious icy treats that cool you down in the summertime heat.


You'll have to go to Timmies to get these tasty pastries. What are they?

Timbits are a delicious snack that you can't miss if you ever visit Canada. What is probably better known as donut holes to most people aren't much different in Canada and has many different flavors, coming in assorted boxes.


Which of the following terms is used to tell someone to get going?

If you’re told to “head’r,” that means that you should get going. It’s most commonly used when on a recreational vehicle, extremely similar to the term “give’r.” You can use either or both!


This is something you might wear when you’re done showering. What do Canadians call it?

A housecoat is the word used by Canadians for this warm garment. What Americans call a robe is essentially the same thing in Canada and as with many other terms, both can be heard in different households. It’s just more likely that you’ll hear “housecoat” in the North.


A Canadian tells you to "give'er." What should you do?

To “give’er” is to wipe your brow, buckle down and get done whatever needs to be done. This can be noble, as in you're fighting off a cold to do your job, or more eccentric, as in you're going to shotgun a beer and engage in a really ill-conceived stunt.


The initials "KD" are used as a slang word for which of the following?

Kraft Dinner is basically identical to Kraft Mac & Cheese. It just takes on this different name up north. Despite the name, don't be afraid to eat this delicious and tasty food for dinner or lunch. It might not be the best to eat it for breakfast!


If something is really nice, a Canadian might refer to it as what?

Did you catch a nice fish? Then you might hear someone say "Wow, now that's a beauty!" The phrase can be used in many ways, but it's most commonly used in relation to something that is deemed to be really great or especially nice looking.


The garburator is an important tool in everyday life in Canada. Which of the following is it?

A garburator is the fancy word Canadians use to refer to the trash disposal underneath the sink. Though it may sound like a car term, it can really make you scratch your head in confusion. Now you’ll know just what a Canadian means when they tell you to use it!


Which of the following words is used for a warm breeze in Western Canada?

A Chinook is something you'll want to experience at one point in your life. This wind has a lot of power with its strong warmth. When it blows in the wintertime, it has the power to bring the temperature up by 10 degrees at times.


This party is for raising money to have a wedding. What is it called?

A stag and doe is a fun party for a bride and groom to be that helps them raise money for their dream wedding. In some cases, they might even be working to raise money to have their dream honeymoon.


Canada has a famous one-dollar coin, but do you know what they call it?

A loonie is a word used for a one-dollar coin, which has one special animal on it. If you guessed that the animal was a loon, you would be correct! Canada also has a toonie, which doesn't get its name from the animal pictured on it. This coin has a polar bear on it.


Common to see around schools or with kids, what item is known as a "knapsack" in Canada?

A knapsack is the word Canadians use for their backpacks. Somewhat similar in sound, the word knapsack actually has origins in German. There's no telling how it became a word used by Canadians!


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