Pretend You're Rich as Heck and We'll Tell You Which Celebrity Couple Would Adopt You!

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We've all played the game of what we'd do if we won the lottery. Some of us would quit our jobs immediately, walk out of our crummy homes, head to the airport, and jet off someplace, never to return! Others would make it a point to help out folks in our neighborhood or give back to organizations and individuals who helped us get where we're going. 

Still, others would invest wisely in philanthropic endeavors designed to leverage the natural talents of people in different fields to change their own lives and save the worlds. Then there are the ones who'd simply lavish it all on fancy designer gear, sparkly objects, and luxury cars.

Now let's change the game a little and say, instead of getting your money from a lottery ticket, you're getting it from your wealthy celebrity parents, who have decided to adopt you from your (relative or absolute) poverty and make you their baby. Obviously, you want to have a family who shares your values, so you need a celebrity duo who believe in the same things you do, whether that's saving the world, saving the 'hood, or simply having a grand old time. 

So tell us about your wealthy alter ego's financial priorities, and we'll tell you which couple will be filing those papers for you soon!

If money were no problem, what would you have for dinner every night?

Which luxury form of transportation would you most like to have?

Which luxury resort would you choose to spend a few weeks?

Which fashion city would you most like to go shopping?

Do you think having a lot of money would change you?

Who would you hire to be your personal fashion designer?

Which brand of champagne would you smash on your yacht?

What luxury item must you have in your bathroom?

Which luxury brand of cosmetics do you like most?

Which household item would you have encrusted with diamonds?

Which celebrity top 10 list would you like to make?

What would your personal assistant spend most of their time doing?

How much would you spend to throw the party of a lifetime?

Which of the world's most expensive stores would you like to visit?

What do you hope your adoptive celebrity family has to offer?

What gift would you give a sixteen-year-old relative for their birthday?

What do you think will motivate you to get out of bed when you don't have to work?

What will you do on a more regular basis when money is no object?

Which Will Smith movie do you like most?

Which rags-to-riches story do you like most?

If you had $500,000 in cash in front of you right now, what would you do?

Which of the following are you most likely to buy with your billions?

Who would you allow on your private island?

Which brand of luxury car would you drive?

What part of your body would you like see addressed by a plastic surgeon?

How would you avoid the paparazzi?

Which television dad do you hope your adoptive dad is most like?

What do you hope your new mom teaches you how to do?

Where do you hope your adoptive family lives?

Which of the world's most expensive restaurants would you frequent?

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