Pretend You’re on “House Hunters” With Your Love, and We’ll Guess What State You Live In

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Now's the time to really test your relationship. Being on "House Hunters" seems great, and while some people who have been on the show say it's a complete farce, people don't watch it because of its element of reality. Maybe at first, they did, but then the show, the couples, the budgets, everything, became a huge internet joke. 

Men constantly ribbing their wives for the eventuality of them taking up all the closet space and they'll have to use the hall closet. Wives walking into every room saying how it could be a nursery one day. Couples looking for their forever home that's 4,000 square feet but having the budget of a recent college graduate. Man, all of these things make "House Hunters" a true national treasure. 

If you want to know what going on "House Hunters" with your love would be like, but don't want to commit to being on a TV show, this quiz is just right for you. After carefully examining many episodes of the show, these questions have been carefully selected to guess where you and your love live in. The best part? Take this quiz, pretend to go on "House Hunters" with your love and we'll guess what state you live in!

What type of house are you on the hunt for?

Is your budget realistic for where you're looking to live?

Do you need a room for a nursery?

How many total closets do you and your significant other need in the master bedroom?

Is a home office needed for you guys?

How many cars are you looking to fit in your garage?

What do you picture when you walk into each home you're looking at?

Is there anything that you're not willing to compromise on?

Do you feel like the things you want in your house actually exist?

Which style of house do you want to live in most?

How much do you hate carpet? Be honest.

If you see a wall with a paint color you don't like, what's your first thought?

Are you hoping for certain appliances in the kitchen?

Do you want to be near the city?

Is granite really the best material for countertops?

Would having a pool be a positive or a negative for the two of you?

Is your partner getting a man cave/she shed?

Do you actually know anything about architecture and home design?

How do you feel about stairs in the home?

What is your ideal commute time?

Is being one town over from your desired neighborhood acceptable?

Are you and your significant other open to a fixer-upper?

Who else are you taking on the house hunt with you?

Are you worried house hunting will cause a rift in your relationship?

What do the words "open floor plan" mean to you and your partner?

Do you want new construction, or are you guys looking for something with a little more charm and character?

How much entertaining do the two of you like to do?

Once you've seen a number of places, how long does it take you and your love to make a final decision?

Are you willing to go over budget for the perfect house?

Do you dream of his and hers sinks?

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