Pretend You're a Duchess and We'll Guess Your Favorite Designer

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The title of Duchess is only given to women who marry into the royal family. It cannot be inherited, either. That means if you're a duchess, you have an exclusive title as well as a special place within the royal family. It can be hard feeling like an outsider, especially if you didn't carry a royal title to begin with, like Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle. There are so many rules to learn. Because we live in an era where media rules everything, and there are almost no secrets, the rules of the royals have pretty much become common knowledge.

But even with all of the guidelines, there is still the fun part of being a duchess. People look to them for fashion inspiration probably the most. When Kate married Prince William, it was only a matter of time before other designers were copying her wedding dress. Whenever she wears something, it sells out almost immediately. The same now goes for Meghan, Duchess of Sussex. Their style is exactly what you would expect from royal women but with an updated feel and a personal touch. They have their favorite designers, and you have yours. Want us to guess what it is? Pretend you're a duchess and we will!

You're about to be a duchess! What style do you want for your wedding dress?

Even as husband and wife, are you OK with not really being allowed to hug each other in public?

While you can't make your own money, you do get to work hard. How does that sound?

It's time for an official evening engagement! Are you dying to put on your tiara?

Before the evening, you have a few day time appearances. What color fascinator are you going with?

Which type of charity would you most like to be the royal patron of?

When you're not on an official engagement, what can you be found doing?

Have you mastered your curtsy?

When it comes time to meet other royals, are you sure about how you're supposed to greet each one?

Do you enjoy appearances without your Duke by your side?

You love having your nails painted! Which color do you normally go with?

How many ribbon cuttings can you do in one day?

Is traveling one of your favorite parts of being a duchess?

Sitting when you're in the spotlight can bring a lot of scrutiny. Do you have your duchess slant down?

Could you live without social media?

Does it excite you that people have to bow and curtsy to you when you enter or leave a room?

Is your life made easier by not being allowed to take a political stance?

Which past/present royal's style would you like to copy?

Since your wardrobe can't include black, what colors would you wear the most of?

Going to the salon often is a rule, but it sounds like more of a gift. Can you live with that?

If you marry into the royal family, are you cool with spending every Christmas at the Palace?

Are you able to keep your emotions under control even in heated public situations? The Duchess of Cambridge has no choice!

In a world of female empowerment, is it acceptable to have to walk two steps behind your husband during official engagements?

For your wedding bouquet, it must include the Myrtle flower. Do you even know what that is?

When you give birth to more little royals, will you cut back on engagements?

Hosting dinner parties as a duchess comes with a lot of responsibility. Are you up to the task?

When you do cook, can you live without garlic since the Queen doesn't like it?

If someone gives you a gift you don't really like, how are you supposed to act?

Upon pregnancy, everything is kept pretty secret until birth. Does that sound good?

Do you pay much attention to the angle of your jaw when smiling for photos?

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