Pretend You Remember the Last Time You Partied Too Hard and We'll Guess Your Age

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How one parties changes dramatically with time. When one is a small child, the idea of staying up past 8 p.m. may feel like a naughty transgression. In junior high school, watching late night comedy shows during a sleepover is both a chance to feel sophisticated and naughty. By the time one is at a university, what qualifies as "naughty" has evolved somewhat.

Peak bacchanalia follows soon, but in adulthood, with a "real job" to get to in the morning, partying changes. It is not so much of a tapering off, but an evolution. Older people tend to have more discretionary money, so their indulgences can be more expensive. Younger people might overindulge in something less satisfying because it is more affordable, not because it is more desirable.

After every party is the aftermath, and this is the most telling part of the event, when the toll of a lifestyle becomes evident. Dragging oneself out of bed in the morning to get to school or work, or what have you, can be especially challenging after certain kinds of parties. Where the party takes place can also influence this, and that's very much tied to what one can afford! It's one thing to have to get back to one's dorm room from another dorm the night after a party, but if you wake up in Monaco, it's going to be more of a schlep.

Answer some questions about the last time you partied, and we will guess your age with total accuracy!

The invite said bring something. What's in your purse?

With whom were you excited to down a brewswki at the party?

Did the party's host tell you what to wear?

You arrived at the party. What location did you scope out first?

What was the welcome like when you made your entrance?

What music dominated the playlist?

A good venue is everything. Where's yours?

What food did you eat at the party?

Who's on your arm tonight?

How was the party lit?

What time did you show up to the party?

What did you drink that night (assuming you remember)?

How many annoying frat bros tried to ruin the party with their antics?

When you were shooting the breeze, what did the breeze contain?

How did the guests know each other?

How many fist-bumps did you collect that night?

Did the party affect how the host feels about you?

Did you line the ol' stomach before the party started?

What did the host arrange to keep you all entertained?

What will you remember best about the party, months later?

What time did you first think, "Time to blow this joint"?

How many people were still rocking when you left?

How did you feel in the morning?

What time did you stumble into bed?

Where did you make your recovery the next day?

How did the host get the invite in front of you?

What's the dumbest thing you did all night?

You've been invited to a rave. How do you feel?

Time to get your "glad rags" on. What's your process?

Who was throwing this epic shindig?

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