Play a Game of "Would You Rather" and We'll Guess How Adventurous You Really Are!

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For those of you who don't know, "Would You Rather" is a fun game where the players are asked a series of questions that let them figure out a lot about who they are as people, and what their values are. One of the things that many of us questions ourselves about is how adventurous we really are. A lot of us say that we are the type of people that are up for an adventure, but do we really mean it? Then there are others who seem to always be in adventurous situations, but who knows if they are really into them, or if they're just fronting?

Being adventurous doesn't mean that you're backpacking across Europe, or hiking the Appalachian trail, or vacationing in Cuba for that matter. It could just be that you are willing to quit that job that you don't like and try something new, or that you are going to start a relationship with someone that your friends and family think might not be a good bet. It might even be adventurous to take a quiz and find out how adventurous you are. What, you don't think so? We think you don't dare to do it. Take this quiz and prove us wrong!

Would you rather eat a raw meatball or go on a blind date?

What would you rather do than spend the summer at work?

Would your rather go naked at the office holiday party or be your boss' maid for a year?

What would you rather do than wash dishes?

Would you rather pierce your nose or live at your job for one full year?

What would you rather do than pay student loans?

Would you rather listen to Christmas songs for 24 hours straight or sing to a stadium full of people?

Would you rather be a restroom attendant at a truck stop or eat a plate of brains?

What would you rather do than go out with your ex again?

What would you rather do than spend a day at the DMV?

Would you rather walk on hot coals or get a tattoo on your head?

What would you rather do than go camping?

What would you rather do that spend a month with your in-laws?

Would you rather be a lion tamer or a snake catcher?

Would you rather do crime scene clean up or go on the Jerry Springer Show?

Would you rather lick a subway floor or kiss a stranger?

What would you rather do than sit through a six-hour long meeting?

Would your rather skip your birthday for 10 years or age backwards?

Would your rather drink pickle juice or eat a raw egg?

What would you rather do if you found a nest of spiders in your bedroom?

Would you rather be a Hollywood stunt person or an FBI agent?

Would you rather skip Christmas or Halloween?

What would you rather do if you had a long layover in a crowded airport?

Would you rather eat roadkill once or give up bread for a year?

What would you rather do than give a speech at work?

Would you rather have your boss' job or be in your position until retirement?

Would you rather pet a crocodile or touch a scorpion?

What would you rather do than be stranded on a deserted island?

Would you rather be a rock star or a famous scientist?

Would you rather have been a cowboy or an outlaw?

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