Play a Game of Would You Rather and We'll Guess Your Royal Name

By: Talin Vartanian
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About This Quiz

Every name has a meaning to it, and in this royal quiz, we're going to explore several royal names and what they mean! Are you a "peaceful ruler" like the name Frederick or are you a "wealthy guardian" like the name Edward? It's time for you to think outside of the box with these 30 "would you rather" questions!

The interesting thing about "would you rather" questions is that they force your mind to make a decision when it comes to rather impossible choices. And these choices define who you are as a person, as well as how you prioritize certain things in life, such as money, love, success and happiness. There are no right or wrong answers to these types of questions, but they will give us insight into not only what your royal name is, but what it also means.

For example, if your royal name turns out to be Albert, then you might be a very intelligent person who always makes safe choices in life. You also might be afraid of taking risks because of the consequences or because it's not really the logical route to embark on. So whether or not you currently have a royal name, we're about to give you a new one in this fun quiz!

For the next six months, you can either stay at home with $10,000 in your pocket or travel the world with only $5,000. Which do you choose?

Would you rather live in the universe of "Harry Potter" or "Game of Thrones?"

Would you rather meet Angelina Jolie or Tom Hanks?

Is it better to have the intelligence of Albert Einstein or Bill Gates?

If you were in the "Star Wars" universe, would you rather be trained by Darth Vader or Yoda?

Which is more gross, to eat a tablespoon of chili flakes or drink a glass of turkey soda? (Yes, that's a real thing.)

Let's get a little paranormal for a moment. Would you rather gain the ability to talk to aliens or ghosts?

You can only choose one of these types of superpowers to gain, teleportation or telepathy. Which one would you rather have?

Would it be more fun to time travel into the past or the future?

Which of these skills would you rather become an expert in, learning how to speed-solve a Rubik's Cube or learning a new computer programming language?

Which of these extreme sports would you rather partake in, skydiving or bungee jumping?

If you could transform into a certain type of animal, would you rather become a cat or a dog?

Embrace your inner superhero for a moment. Would you rather become Batman or Superman?

Would you rather deal with heavy rain or heavy snow for two years straight?

Say goodbye to Earth and hello to living on either the moon or Mars! Which one would you choose?

Is it better to be a talented artist or a creative writer?

We know it's a difficult decision, but you can only choose one of these, breathing underwater or camouflaging with your surroundings. Which one do you go for?

Which is worse, eating only canned tuna for six months or giving up your smartphone for one year?

Which of your senses would you like heightened, your sight or your hearing?

One traditional holiday has got to go, but will it be Christmas or Thanksgiving?

Is it better to raise your own self-esteem or the self-esteem of your loved ones?

If you were going to have the wedding of your dreams, would the theme be Disney or Pokemon?

Here's a difficult decision for you. Would you rather sit in an empty room all by yourself for 10 hours straight or sit in a room with one super chatty person for five hours straight?

Would you rather quit your current job or shave all of your beautiful hair off your head?

Choose carefully now! Would you rather wear the same outfit or eat the same type of food every day for a month?

Only one of your wishes can be granted today! Would you rather be super rich or extremely beautiful?

If you were fighting in a battle, who would you want as your ally, King Kong or Godzilla?

For one month straight, you can either wake up at 4 a.m. or go to sleep at 4 a.m. Which are you going to choose?

Which of these professions would you rather transition into, a doctor or a travel blogger?

Would you rather lose all of the money you have in your bank account or face your worst fear right now?

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