Plan Your Perfect First Date and We'll Tell You How Many Kids You'll Have.

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Love, at first sight, might work for some people, but for many, the first date is what determines the future of a relationship. Look into your future and see how many kids you will have with this quiz!

Where in the world is your perfect first date?

How did you meet your date?

When you ask someone on a date, how do you contact them?

How dressy do you plan to be?

Which shoes are you wearing to impress your date?

How do you plan to stay awake if your date runs late?

What kind of jacket do you throw on as you head out the door?

Are you picking your date up or are they picking you up?

What do you drive to get to the date?

What song is playing on the car radio on your way to the date?

With the weather perfect when you step out of the car, what season is your perfect first date in?

What do you bring for your date as a token of affection?

What is your first impression of your date?

What do they surprise you with as a small gift?

What is your entertainment for the evening?

Did you make reservations for dinner?

Where will you go for dinner?

What question do you ask to get to know your date?

What will you be drinking?

What will you and your date get lost in discussion on?

What live music is playing in the restaurant?

Which dessert do you share at the end of dinner?

What kind of breath freshener do you use while they use the restroom?

When you have closed down the restaurant, where do you go to keep chatting?

What is your biggest deal breaker?

As it gets cold outside, how do you keep warm?

What beautiful thing do you both notice in the night sky?

When it is time to part ways, how do you say good night?

When you get inside your home, who is the first person you call to dish about your amazing first date?

What is your perfect second date with this person?

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