Plan an Oregon Trail Trip and We'll Guess If You'll Die Of Dysentery!

By: Zoe Samuel
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Back in the old days when people headed to the west to seek a better way of life, a lot of them headed out there on wagons while on the Oregon Trail. A lot of people that used that trail had a pretty good time, making their way west, and had no huge issues other than the normal ones of the time. Pretty cool right? Well, yeah, but a lot of other people died. A lot of them died because of diseases such as dysentery or the elements they were exposed to on the way west.

Now, we know that you do a pretty good job when it comes to taking care of yourself. Last week at the company barbecue you were the only one that was able to get the grill started, and last night when it was cold you went out and got a couple logs and made a fire in your fireplace, so we have a pretty good idea that you would have survived the harsh realities of the Oregon Trail just fine. But some other people aren't quite as tough or resourceful as you are. Take this quiz and find out how you would have done on the Oregon Trail.

Do you know how to find clean water?

Can you handle the cold?

Do you sunburn easily?

How good are your knees?

Do you have good shoes?

Do you have a faithful dog?

Do you have any Imodium?

How about water purifying tablets?

Do you plan to ride a wagon or a horse?

What one item will you not leave without?

Are you determined?

Are you very strong?

Do you have hearty, callused hands?

Are you good in a crisis?

Do you have plenty of beef jerky?

Do you have long underwear?

Do you have a fleece lined coat?

Who else is with you?

Do you have a compass?

Can you read a map?

Did you bring your penknife?

What about your toolkit?

Do you have spare shoelaces?

How will you keep wolves at bay?

What time of year are you going?

Do you have anything for bribes, just in case?

Did you pack your gun?

How much ammo did you bring?

Did you bring your star chart?

When are you going?

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