Plan an Awesome '80s Outfit and We'll Give You an '80s Band Name!

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"POUR SOME SUGAR ON ME!" While Def Leppard wanted to be covered in sugar, you probably wanted to have the hottest '80s styles on your body. With all the popular trends that were present in that decade, we want you to plan an awesome outfit and we'll give you an '80s band name!

The 1980s was an iconic time in pop culture. Everyone can distinctly remember the music, movies, and fashion of the time! As the decade began, fashion lovers everywhere were saying goodbye to the bell-bottoms, midi skirts, and ponchos of the '70s. They were, instead, shopping for acid wash jeans, leg warmers, mini skirts, and padded blazers. 

In addition to the fashion, this decade was also well known for its music. With the popularity of rock and roll came classic songs like "Livin' on a Prayer," "Another One Bites the Dust," and "I Love Rock 'n' Roll." And with these songs came the most iconic bands of the decade. Your fashion tastes might've been adventurous like Aerosmith or maybe you were bright and bubbly like The Cheeky Girls. What band were you rocking with? There's only one way to find out?

Plan an awesome '80s outfit and we'll give you an '80s band name to go with it! Let's jam!

What was your favorite thing that happened in the '80s?

Which of these fads would you like to make a comeback?

How would you describe your style?

Which fashion icon do you look up to?

Which season has the best fashion?

What brand of jeans did you like to wear?

What was your favorite print to wear?

Oversized tops or bodysuits?

What would you wear to go to a party?

If you had a date with the person of your dreams, what would you wear?

What color combination would you use to make a statement?

What color leg warmers would you buy?

What did you wear around your waist?

What length of skirt did you like to wear?

What kind of shoes did you wear back then?

Which of these fashion capitals would you like to visit?

Which of Madonna’s classic looks would you/your friends imitate?

Which of these '80s models was your favorite?

How large was your closet?

If you could have shopped online in the 80s, which of these stores would you shop at?

Which of these sites would you post your #ootd pictures on?

What kind of jacket would you get for winter?

What kind of material would your prom outfit be made from?

How did you wear your hair?

Which of these hair accessories did you own?

Who was your favorite 80s band?

What type of music do you like now?

Which of these Johnnys is your favorite?

If you were to get a tattoo, where would you put it?

What did you like to do as a teen?

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