Plan a Trip to the Arcade and We'll Tell You if You're Nintendo or Sega

By: Steven Miller
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Grab a stack of quarters and let's head over to the arcade. We think we can figure out if you're a Nintendo or Sega fan by the games you choose to play and how you spend your time at the arcade.

Have you ever won a prize playing the claw game?

Which arcade sports game did you like the most?

How good are you at pinball games?

Which light-gun shooter game did you like the most?

Do you like the "Whack-a-Mole" game?

Did you ever play "Dance Dance Revolution"?

Were you more likely to be the bully or to be bullied at the arcade?

How long are you planning to spend at the arcade?

Are you more likely to be obsessed with one game or to play a bunch of them?

Which driving game are you most likely to play?

How likely were you to draw a crowd while you played?

Which classic game is most likely to draw you in?

Would you consider Chuck E. Cheese's to be an arcade?

Which space-themed game is most your style?

Do you enjoy going to Dave and Buster's?

Which flying game will get the most quarters from you?

Have you ever given your winning tickets to a kid?

Which game featuring boats did you like the most?

What initials were you most likely to use for your high score?

Which game where you save the princess would you rather play?

How many different games did you have your initials on for the high score?

Which war game are you most interested in playing?

Did you like how loud it was in the arcade?

Which major gaming character fits your personality the best?

How likely were you to throw a tantrum in the arcade?

What kind of food are you eating at the arcade?

Do you prefer extremely hard games or super-easy games?

If you could only play one game, which would it be?

How into the game "Time Crisis" were you?

How strong were your skills at "Skee-Ball"?

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