Plan a Cross-Country Road Trip and We'll Tell You Which Iconic Car You'll Drive

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Cars define decades and generations just like clothes, makeup and music do. On top of that, movies and TV can either aid in a car becoming extremely popular, or fizzling out completely. The Trans Am was one of the coolest cars, and then "Smokey and the Bandit" came out and made it even more popular. "The Dukes of Hazzard" was known for the car. "Herbie Fully Loaded" brought back a nostalgic car. The bottom line is, if you're going on a cross-country road trip, you might as well do it in one of the most iconic cars of all time. It could even turn into a fun game of picturing yourself in that movie, in that car. How would the original driver act? Would they blast the air conditioning or roll the windows all the way down? It'll definitely add a fun activity to your long road trip!

But how are you supposed to choose one since there are so many? Well, it depends on what your intentions are for this road trip. Do you want to drive straight through, or make plenty of stops to see the sites along the way? Are you sleeping in your car, or parking at hotels? Also consider how much baggage you're bringing. (Physical, not emotional.) Ready to plan the ultimate cross-country road trip? Do it in this quiz and we'll give you an iconic car to drive!

Do you have a specific destination in mind, or is the journey the destination?

Are you bringing anyone with you for some company on this trip?

What time of year is the best for a cross-country road trip?

You'll need to stay overnight a few times. Where are you planning on catching some shuteye?

Are you booking your rooms ahead of time to help you stay on schedule?

Let's get to the fun stuff. What kind of road trip snacks are you bringing?

Have you curated the most perfect road trip play list?

What kind of souvenirs are you picking up at the places at which you stop?

Are you stopping at all the local watering holes along the highways?

Are you going to resort to car games if you get bored?

Are there any landmarks that you are just dying to see?

If there's someone else in the car with you, do they get to choose any of the music?

Do you find it exciting to look for different state license plates on the road?

Are you paying attention to how much money you're spending versus what you set your budget at?

Do you think it's childish to honk at 18 wheelers?

How do you plan on documenting your trip?

How early in the morning are you leaving for your road trip?

Would you rather listen to podcasts or audiobooks if you get tired of music?

Will you need to remember any identification documents for this road trip?

Which classic route fits your road trip style the best?

Are you actually relying on directions to get you to your destination, or is reading road signs more your thing?

How long are you planning on being on the open road?

When it's nighttime, are you taking a pit stop to stare up at the stars?

There's someone on the road who needs a ride. Are you picking them up?

Is there any food you're particularly looking forward to eating on your travels?

What comforts of home are you bringing in your car with you?

Air conditioning or open windows?

Which scent of car freshener is getting put in your vent to keep the food and road trip smells at bay?

What is one interesting road trip activity you're making a point of doing?

Did you pack the car the day before you plan on leaving?

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