Plan a Camping Trip and We'll Tell You Which National Park You Should Visit

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Ahh ... the great outdoors. Who doesn't love campfires, sleeping within nature and walking on all kinds of beautiful trails? If your answer is "not me," don't worry, we still have a national park that suits your personality!

There are all kinds of national parks in the United States, and some of the more popular ones includes Glacier National Park, Arches National Park and Zion National Park. These types of parks are known for their colorful and otherworldly beauty, as well as their plethora of hiking trails and camping spots. There are also many national parks outside the United States as well, which include Kruger National Park (in South Africa), Fiordland National Park (in New Zealand) and Jasper National Park (in Canada). When planning a camping trip to one of these national parks, it's important to think about what kinds of activities you wish to partake in, what kinds of food you're going to eat and what types of gadgets you're going to bring (such as a GPS or a compass). Some people are more old-fashioned when it comes to camping, while others like to camp in style. No matter where you fall on this spectrum, it's time to take our camping quiz now!

Before you embark on a camping trip, we need to know how you're going to get from Point A to Point B!

Which of these songs is the perfect music to listen to while staring at the stars in the sky?

Where are you going to sleep once you get to your ideal camping destination?

Which of the following snacks will you munch on while hiking on a trail?

You have room in your bag for just three of these items. Which one is staying behind?

It's dinner time! What are you about to roast over a campfire?

Seasons are important when it comes to camping! Which of these seasons will you choose for a few adventurous days?

You can't go to sleep without telling one of these spooky campfire stories to your friends! Which one will you choose to tell?

There are lots of wonderful things about camping, but what's the best part about it for you?

Guess what we're about to play? A camping game! Which of these are you about to win at?

Choose one of these fun water activities to participate in under the hot sun!

You're feeling a little tired today from all the hiking, so it's probably best to just relax and read a book. Which of these tales are you about to read?

Would you rather wake up early to watch a sunrise or stay up very late to watch the stars?

Someone has just challenged you to a game of hide and seek! Where are you about to hide to win this game?

It's time for some nature gathering fun! Which of the following are you going to take with you as a souvenir?

Let's say that you're hiking on a trail when you realize that you forgot your snacks. Which of these edible plants will you munch on instead?

Are you the type of person who likes to plan everything out beforehand, or do you prefer to be more spontaneous with camping activities?

Which of the following wild animals would you not want to encounter while on a camping trip?

You can't go camping without working up a sweat! Which of these sports would you want to play?

Observing nature is one of the best parts about camping! How are you going to capture these beautiful moments?

It's time for a hike, which means you get to choose between walking on a flat trail or summiting a mountain!

Would you leave your electronic devices behind before going on a camping trip or bring them just in case?

Pick one of these relaxing activities to help calm your thoughts down while on a camping trip!

Is it more fun to embark on a camping trip by yourself or with family and friends?

Which of the following survival skills is the most important to you when it comes to camping?

On the scale of low-maintenance to high-maintenance, where do you fall when it comes to camping supplies?

Your campground has an outdoor obstacle course and zip lines! Which one are you going to make a beeline for?

Uh oh! It looks like it's raining on your camping parade! Which of these card games are you going to play instead?

Choose one of these musical instruments to take with you on a fun camping trip!

Whether it's one night or seven nights, we need to know how long you plan on camping for!

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