Place These Foods in Heaven or Hell and We'll Guess Which Part of the US You're From

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There are four major regions on the United States, including the West, Midwest, Northeast and South. Folks from each region have wildly different tastes in food, you would think they were each a country of their own.  Your food choices say a lot about you. If you are at home making clam chowder in the Midwest, people will know you are from out of town.

If you are from the west, you are probably fairly health-conscious, eating dishes with seafood or lots of veggies. However, the west is also home of famous fast food joints like In 'N Out and Del Taco. But, if you're from a state in the south, you might have grown up on hearty dishes like chicken and dumplings, fried chicken, or barbecue. The Midwest and northeast are somewhere in between when it comes to extremes. People from the Midwest eat traditional "cookout" foods fairly often, as well as various other comfort foods. Northeastern residents are big on seafood, eating dishes like clam chowder and lobster rolls, as well as delectable desserts like Boston Cream Pie, pudding and rhubarb pie. 

Let us guess which part of the US you're from by placing these foods in Heaven or Hell!

Where do you want to send shrimp and grits?

Does gumbo deserve to go to Heaven or Hell?

Heaven or Hell for bratwurst?

How about lobster rolls?

Where would you send red beans and rice for all of eternity?

And Chicago-style pizza? Where should that go?

Does avocado toast deserve to be in Heaven or Hell?

What about New York-style pizza?

Heaven or Hell for chicken and dumplings?

Should buckeye candies be sent to Heaven or Hell?

How do you feel about fish tacos? Where should they go?

Heaven or Hell for Eggs Benedict?

Would you cast pecan pie into Heaven or Hell?

How about chili?

Heaven or Hell for oysters?

What are you thinking for the fate of cheesecake?

Heaven or Hell for Texas toast?

What about puppy chow?

Where would you send a Cobb salad?

Heaven or Hell for baked beans?

How about ham?

Where do tater tots deserve to go?

How do you feel about clam chowder?

What's your take on pudding? Does it belong in Heaven or Hell?

Which place would you send pot roast?

Heaven or Hell for gelato?

Do you think the Reuben sandwich should go to Heaven or the depths of Hell?

What about peaches?

Tell us what you really think of Boston Cream Pie? Heaven or Hell?

Where does kale deserve to go in the afterlife?

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