Place These Foods in Heaven or Hell and We'll Guess Which Food You Hate the Most

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Have you ever witnessed someone tearing into a piece of food like it is the first meal they have eaten in over a week? It's all fine and dandy until you realize the food they are gobbling down is the food you hate the most. But what's worse? Having to taste that food for yourself. 

Everyone has at least one food item they will not dare to bite into. Maybe you have a horrid memory of a time you ate the food and got sick. Or maybe you took a bite out of something without realizing it was covered in green mold and had been expired for days. And just maybe... the food had not expired and it did not make you sick, but the taste and texture alone made you feel sick to your stomach. 

Either way, you are entitled to have your preferences in cuisine as much as anyone. So what food do you absolutely despise? Don't be bashful in expressing your love or hatred for one type of food over the next. We can guarantee you're not the only one to hate Brussels sprouts. 

Take this quiz to place these food items in heaven or hell, and we will guess which food you hate the most. 

Where would you place cheddar cheese?

Where do you want to send popcorn?

Heaven or hell for grapes?

What about lasagna?

Where should white rice go?

Where would you send steak?

Heaven or hell for eggs?

What about chocolate chip cookies?

Where would you send Greek yogurt?

How do you feel about salmon? Would you send it to heaven or hell?

Where do raspberries deserve to go?

What about ham and pineapple pizza?

Heaven or hell for mac and cheese?

Where do you want to send asparagus?

Where should Pop-Tarts end up?

What about corn on the cob?

Heaven or hell for tuna?

Where would you send coleslaw?

How about fried chicken?

Where does sour cream deserve to go?

Heaven or hell for almond butter?

What about blackened cod?

Where should pulled pork go?

Heaven or hell for onion rings?

Where do you want to send Brussels sprouts?

How about the fate of boneless chicken wings?

Heaven or hell for feta cheese?

What about sushi?

Where do you want vanilla ice cream to end up?

Heaven or hell for spinach?

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