Pick Your Favorite Half of These Food Duos and We'll Guess Your Strongest Personality Trait

By: Raj Chander
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You've probably heard someone say that two things go together like bread and butter, or maybe bacon and eggs. There are tons of timeless food pairs that people all over the world have enjoyed for decades.

And then there are some that are ... not as timeless. For example, could you ever imagine bacon and peanut butter? Believe it or not, this duo combined with sliced banana, then tossed onto bread and fried was a favorite of the late Elvis Presley. In fact, legend has it that The King once chartered a private plane in the middle of the night just to satisfy a late-night craving for a sandwich based on this combination.

What about replacing your morning bowl of cereal and milk with milk and popcorn? You may gasp, but the famous writer Laura Ingalls Wilder actually made reference to this combination in one of her Little House on the Prairie books, and many people swear that popcorn is better than any conventional cereal.

The point is, different people have different tastes in food pairings. And within those pairings, most of us prefer one element slightly more than the other, even if they are ideal when put together. This choice says a lot about who we are as people. Just give us your preference between the two foods listed in each of these questions, and we'll evaluate your character. Dig in!

We'll start with an odd yet surprisingly popular combo: Do you prefer pizza or ketchup?

It's a classic soul food combo for breakfast, or anytime really – are you more fried chicken or waffles?

Reese's perfected this blend – do you like chocolate or peanut butter more?

You might enjoy this combo at a famous "international" franchise – do you feel more like pancakes or syrup?

This pair has been the driving force behind multiple successful fast food chains in the last few decades. Are you more partial to burgers or their ultimate sidekick, french fries?

One of our favorite fishes can be a little difficult to eat without its smooth counterpart – do you identify more with tuna or mayonnaise?

This is a staple breakfast combination in the southern coastal part of America – do you like shrimp or grits more?

Most people could do with eating more vegetables, and this duo contains two classic favorites. Are you more for peas or carrots?

It's a classic hot meal to take the edge off those cold winter nights. Would you rather have tomato soup, or grilled cheese?

There are few better dessert pairings than these two, which are perhaps joined most deliciously by the Carvel company. Would you choose cake or ice cream?

They are the two seasonings that stand above all others in our minds and cabinets. Which of these two spices is your favorite?

Both of these individual foods are beloved all over the world, just like they are when combined. Are you a bigger fan of beans or rice?

For a savory, crunchy snack often enjoyed during a sporting event, few dishes are better than these two. Are you going with buffalo wings or bleu cheese?

While people in the States associate this dish with Italy, it's more of an Americanized take on Italian food than a genuine mediterranean dish. If you had to pick one, would it be spaghetti or meatballs?

This is a relatively modern combination, but we're so glad it was invented. Are you a bigger fan of macaroni & cheese or bacon?

This pairing is found in almost every Mexican restaurant. If you had to only select one element, which would it be?

For those health-conscious eaters, this pair has been part of many tasty yet nutritious meals. Which of these two salad components is your choice?

The combo between salty and sweet highlight many great food pairings, including this one. Would you rather nosh on pretzels or chocolate?

A small slice of fruit can make a refreshing drink so much better. Do you side with lime or soda?

These two items put together are a staple of Japanese cuisine, especially sushi. Are you a bigger fan of rice or seaweed?

Go to any Italian spot in the world and these two items will most likely be there. Are you more of a fan of tomato sauce or noodles?

Not all of us like Indian food, but for those who do these two foods are a staple. Are you more into samosas or chutney?

This classic spread and breakfast snack have powered many mornings. Would you prefer a bagel or cream cheese?

If you've ever been to a summer barbecue, you've probably eaten these two foods together. Are you more here for potato chips or hot dogs?

A little bit of a kick combined with one of the most popular Asian foods around makes an excellent pair. Would you rather have sushi or wasabi?

People often use this pairing to describe themselves as simple and hearty. Both may be filling, but would you rather have steak or potatoes?

We often think of this combination in the context of a Chinese restaurant, but these two foods are found many places. Which of the two do you prefer?

Another great example of the savory and spicy blend working great magic here – do you like jalapeños or cream cheese?

This combo is a staple of many great seafood restaurants. Which of these two things are your favorites?

It doesn't have to be Thanksgiving to enjoy these two complementary foods. Would you rather dine on turkey or stuffing?

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