Pick Your Favorite Guns and We'll Guess What Truck You Drive

Zoe Samuel

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In America, it's not hard to find a large assortment of long gun racks specifically designed to go inside pickup trucks. Pickup trucks are really the perfect vehicle in which to go hunting because the bed can be set up to haul game. Many of them are four-wheel drive, allowing them to drive up to trailheads, and unload all-terrain vehicles so hunters don't have to hike to where they intend to hunt.

Pickup trucks and guns have a deeper meaning in America. In their own ways, they each symbolize the rugged individualism that is so much a part of the American identity. The idea of taking your fate into your own hands is baked into the purpose of each machine. In American mythology, guns are the tools that enforced the will of the men who built America. Patriots. Western heroes. Cops. Outlaws. Likewise, pickup trucks are the tool that turns every man into a contractor. Putting up drywall? Buy some and throw it in the bed. Building something in your shed? Load it up and take it to a show. Need to transport your butter sculpture to the county fair? Check the temperature and load it up.

Thus, we are certain that if we know your favorite firearms, we can work out which truck you drive. Care to give us a go?

Which American rifle of the Spanish-American War is your favorite?

Which WWI Colt kicked the best?

Which Soviet-made WWII rifle would you have on the steppe?

Which American WWII rifle would you want in your foxhole?

Which modern revolver would you wear on your hip for snakes and such?

Which Civil War cannon packed the best punch?

Which AR-15 would you want for the post-apocalyptic future?

Which of these was the best carbine of the American Civil War?

Which shotgun would you shell out for?

What was your favorite rifle of the American Civil War?

Which Israeli-used gun is your chosen piece?

Which British gun would you stand at attention for?

What was your favorite Springfield long gun of the American Civil War?

Which common rifle would you take for common hunting?

With which Imperial German WWI rifle would you shoulder?

What was your favorite revolver of the American Civil War?

Which Israeli-made pistol would you pack?

With which WW1 firearm used by the Kingdom of Serbia fires you up?

Which custom pistol would make you do a double take?

With which Imperial German WWI pistol would you saddle up?

Which American long gun of the Revolutionary War is your favorite?

Which American-used WWI shotgun would you load up for shooting duck?

What beginner pistol would you recommend?

Which American-used WWI machine gun would be your war machine?

Which American pistol of the Spanish-American War is your favorite?

For which WWI Winchester would you open your wallet?

Which Israeli-made long gun makes you wish you were there?

Which WWII Soviet-used pistol would you trust with your life?

Which futuristic gun makes you take your vitamins and hope for a long life?

Which American WWII pistol would you pack in your gear?

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