Pick Up Some Things at the Grocery Store and We'll Guess Your Age

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The grocery store is a magical place. Okay, maybe not *that* magical. But it does sell the essentials for maintaining human life, like food and water. Plus, it has all of the things that make life fun, like chocolate, ice cream, pancake mix and flavored sparkling water. Need some cheese? Yep, it's got that too. We're not kidding. It has everything! Well, not everything. You can't buy a car there or get your nails done. Not that we know of, but if you find a grocery store like that, clue us in!

Anyway, the things you get at the food store can really help determine how old you are. But age is just a state of mind, really. Just because you're shopping for a bunch of antacid doesn't mean you're 80. Maybe you just get heartburn a lot. Also, maybe you're buying all of that chocolate for you and not because you're a child. Maybe it's been a rough week. Who are we to judge?

Going to the grocery store can be an adventure. Time it right, and you can be in and out in an hour or less. But go when it's supposed to snow, or rain, or it's too sunny, or not sunny enough, and you'll be barging your way through the crowds wishing you were anywhere else. Pick up some things at the grocery store and we'll guess your age!

When you go food shopping, what do you pick up first?

What kind of cheese is usually in your cart?

Do you buy anything in bulk?

Do you pick items based on the price, or based on what you want?

Is there a particular cut of meat that's always in your cart?

Going down the chip aisle, which bag are you picking up?

Do you mostly stick to the perimeter of the food store?

Are organic products the bulk of your haul?

Are you even going down the frozen treat aisle?

How many of your other household items do you buy at the grocery store?

You've got unexpected guests coming for dinner, so you have to make a quick trip to the food store. What are you picking up?

Do you have one brand of eggs that you buy regularly?

You have a hankering for some junk food. What's making the cut?

What are you picking up for school, work, or regular lunches?

Do you usually have a list when you head to the grocery store?

At the seafood counter, what are you ordering up?

Let's move to the butcher! What can we see in your cart?

Take a stroll down the chocolate aisle and get yourself a treat. What do you choose?

You need fruit for your salad tonight. Which one is the best?

Are you impulse buying anything at the grocery store?

What's the best kind of juice at the store?

Do you have a go-to cooking oil?

Do you need to pick up any butter?

There's always ads by the front door. Are you picking one up before starting your shopping?

You missed breakfast, so you stop at the grocery store for something quick. What are you getting?

Do you need to pick up any cards while you're at the store?

Will all of your stuff fit in a basket or do you need a cart?

What do you pick up from the prepared food section?

Swing on by the coffee section. Which brew makes your morning cup extra special?

All right, it's time to wrap this up. What's the last thing you're picking up on the way to the register?

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