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People often live by the motto "Your hair is your crown." While that may have a bit of truth to it, your hair is much more than just your crown. Your hair captures a part of your personality and influences everything, from the way you take your pictures to the outfits you wear. Believe it or not, it's possible for us to know your hair color by the outfits you choose to wear.

Are you someone who lives in jeans and a T-shirt? What would you wear if you were a guest on "Ellen"? Tell us and we'll tell you your hair color! What you choose to wear in certain scenarios can reveal a lot about you, including your hair color. Genetics, environment and diet play a role in determining hair color, and hair color can naturally change over time. 

The U.S. National Library of Medicine reports that colors can range from flaxen blonde to coal black. We certainly haven't listed all hair colors in this quiz, but we've picked the top five. Do blondes really have more fun? The famous Marilyn Monroe certainly had a lot of fun, but she was naturally a brunette. Even if you aren't currently showing the world your natural hair color, we will still take a shot at what color you embrace! 


You're going to happy hour after work with some co-workers, including the one you have a crush on. What do you wear?

Which fashion era speaks to your fashion spirit animal?

Your friends set you up on a blind date, despite your constant objections. Which outfit would you wear to say, "I'm available, but not desperate"?

Accessories can spice up any outfit. Which accessory will you never be caught dead without?

We all have that one piece of clothing that can't seem to make it to the donation bin. What are you holding on to?

The right fashion advice can last a lifetime. What is your go-to for the best fashion advice?

Fabrics are everything! Famous stylist Nino Cerruti said, "Only an excellent fabric can originate an excellent fashion." Pick your preferred fabric.

Life has given us some amazing designers and fashion icons throughout time. Who is your all-time favorite fashion icon?

Complete the following phrase: When in doubt ...

Which fashion quote should we tattoo on your heart?

You finally landed an interview for your dream job! How do you impress your future boss?

It's your graduation party! What an awesome achievement! How will the guest of honor dress?

Your family reunion is coming up, and this year it's in Hawaii! Can you say "Aloha"? What is the first outfit you pack?

You are attending a private art exhibit opening. This is an invitation-only event, so appearance is everything! How will you make a fashion statement?

It's party time! Your favorite band or artist is performing all of their hits in a once-in-a-lifetime concert! Now it's time to pick the outfit of a lifetime!

It's wedding season, and the first wedding you're attending is your first cousin's! What's your perfect spring wedding outfit?

We all have them, that one pair of shoes that goes with everything. Pick your guilty pleasure.

What would you say defines an outfit?

If you could ask a fashion designer one question, what would it be?

You wake up and you have a text message from your sibling that says, “Get dressed and hurry here! I’ll explain when you get here!” What do you put on?

TGIF! Name your go-to casual Friday outfit?

You’re headed out to brunch after Labor Day. Do you dare wear white?

You get to style your idol! Which theme will you choose?

It’s Halloween! Who or what will you show up to the costume party as?

What airport outfit do you prefer? Opt for the outfit that you will be the most comfortable in, even in the event of a long layover.

It's your wedding! Everything must be perfect, even the guests. Select your wedding guest dress code.

You are a superhero, here to defend your city against evil! Can you choose your favorite superhero outfit?

Your in-laws are coming to town, and they've arranged a fancy dinner at one of the area's best restaurants. Do you dress up or keep it casual?

Ellen has chosen you to be on her show and dance with her! Omg! What are you going to wear?

It's your 10-year class reunion, and you really want to make a bold statement. Which fashion direction will you go in?

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