Pick Some Outfits and We’ll Match You to Your Ideal Haircut

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Sure, your clothes are important when it comes to creating a look, but they can't do it alone. After all, there is a lot more to a person's overall look than how they dress. Fashion has so many fun parts. Your shoes, jewelry, accessories and how you choose to wear your makeup (or how you don't) all play a big part in creating your overall look. However, you can't forget about your hair! Your hair color and style can change the way your face looks. In fact, many people strategically choose hairstyles to frame, sharpen, soften, complement or balance their features. 

When it comes to fashion, hair and clothes are both important pieces of the overall puzzle. They complement each other or even contrast each other to create a super unique and interesting look. Can we guess - based on the kind of outfits you prefer and dislike - what hairstyle is perfect for your taste and lifestyle? 

Put us to the test. Pick some outfits for different occasions and we will try to guess which cut is truly the hairstyle of your dreams. See if our guess is truly a cut above the rest, based on your taste in clothes, shoes and more!  

Which bottoms would you pair with an oversized dark-wash denim jacket?

In your opinion, which shirt pairs best with a long tan trench coat and plaid slacks?

Where would you rather see camo print in an outfit?

If someone is wearing large silver hoop earrings, which necklace do you think they should wear?

How do you feel about co-ords?

Of all the ways you can wear leather or faux leather, which do you wear most often?

Sometimes things are trendy for a reason. Which current trend do you love most?

Which shoe pairs best with a long leopard sun dress?

How would you rather make a snakeskin miniskirt casual for daily wear?

Do you like monochromatic looks?

Which top would go with a pair of black leggings and thigh-high black boots?

Which jacket do you think goes best with a red frilly romper?

How would you style a pair of leopard bike shorts?

Lingerie as clothing is very in right now. How would you style a lacy bodysuit?

If you had to pattern clash, which of these would you say goes best with a pair of wide-legged leopard pants?

Which type of jeans do you think is the most flattering?

For the sake of juxtaposition, how would you style red heeled boots for an unexpected look?

Where in an outfit is the best place for sequins?

Which of these standard closet staples do you like least?

You want to make a suit edgier. Which of these would you be most likely to choose?

How would you rate the denim tuxedo look, on a scale of 1 to 4?

Should animal prints be mixed?

Of these fashion trends, which would you never personally wear?

Someone is going to a black tie event. Of these options, what should they wear?

Which winter accessory would you pair with a long white coat?

What is the ideal pair of sunglasses for a sleek all-black outfit?

Which hat would go best with a red floral sundress?

Of these bottoms, which would you pair with a silver puffer coat?

When someone's jacket or other part of their outfit has one type of metal accent, should their jewelry match it?

Where do you stand on zippers being put on clothing for aesthetic reasons?

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