Pick Some Baby Names and We'll Predict What Age You'll Get Married

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Each generation has its share of popular baby names. In the 1920s, names like Pearl, Minnie, Buck and Hank were the cream of the crop, while in the 1950s, monikers like Billy, James, Etta and Rita were preferred. Most people tried to name their children after people in their family trees, or at least after people from their culture's religion or folklore tradition.

However, today, people feel totally free to invent names or repurpose words for naming purposes. Everyone laughed at Gwyneth Paltrow for naming her kid Apple, but nowadays it's super common to see children named Destiny, Onyx or Neveah or even Khaleesi. The truth is, we live in a uniquely creative era for baby names, and when it comes to naming your little bundle of joy, almost anything goes.  

So, what kind of baby names do you prefer? Do you like smashing two names up? Using weather- or color-related names? Naming your kid after a certain Mother of Dragons? Taking inspiration from the British royal family? Whatever your preferences are, it's time to share them! Tell us your real opinions about a ton of up-and-coming baby names, and we'll reveal what that says about you. No, really: Believe it or not, your baby-name preferences will help us accurately predict exactly when you'll get hitched. 😛 Ready to learn more? Play this quiz!

'80s baby names are going out of style — fast! But which one of these '80s baby names shouldn't get cancelled?

If you were looking for a quirky girl's name, which one of these would you pick?

Unisex names are becoming increasingly popular. In your opinion, which one of these unisex names is an all-purpose star?

Let's say you want to give your child a very old-fashioned name. Which one of these would you pick?

Some folks like using last names as first names. Do any of these choices float your boat?

Which one of these weather-related names would be best for a boy?

Do any of these trendy names make your "yes" list?

How do you feel about these metal-related boy's names?

Thanks to all the recent marriages in the royal family, royalty-inspired names are having a comeback. Which of queenly names reigns supreme?

What's the best baby name ending in -en or -yn?

In your opinion, what's the cutest '70s name?

How do you feel about these popular names?

In your opinion, which of these French baby names is underrated?

What's your favorite color-related name?

Are any of these Disney names cute?

Do you like any of these jewel names?

Which Biblical name is your favorite?

In your opinion, which one of these floral-sounding names is the prettiest?

How do you feel about Southern names?

Russian baby names can work very well for boys. Which one of these would you be willing to try?

Many saint names have a lovely, traditional ring. Which one of these do you like?

Do any of these movie-star names make your "yes" list?

In your opinion, which of these holiday-related names works well year-round?

What's the best baby name ending in -y?

Are you fond of names that will make your male baby sound like they're from the Old West?

What's the best seasonal name?

Spanish baby names can be very beautiful. Which one of these do you like for a girl?

Which of these TV-show-inspired names are actually acceptable?

If you had fraternal twins, what would you call them?

What's the best musician name EVER?

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