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Fetishes are one of those sexual categories that people don't often talk about except to make rather awkward jokes, typically that express how little they understand. Possibly the most common misconception is that a fetish is interchangeable with a kink, but this is actually not true. Both terms refer to a specific sexual activity that is outside the "norm" of "typical" sexual relations between two people.

The key difference between kink and fetish is that a kink is a preference - albeit possibly a very strong one - while a fetish is mandatory for the fetishist in question. That is, if your kink is going to furry conventions and getting it on with your partner while they wear a giant fuzzy costumes, you could still also have a perfectly vanilla sex life with that same partner at home. If this particular preference were a fetish, then its presence would be essential to your satisfaction.

This doesn't mean that foot fetishists need a foot in front of their eyes to be fully gratified. It just means that feet will make an appearance during the event—and even then, perhaps only in their imagination. Indeed some fetishists are never able to share their fetish with their partner, and thus keep it on the DL for their entire sexual life.

We hope that nobody feels unable to share here, however! Whatever it is, we don't judge—but we sure are curious! Let's see if we can figure out what makes you tick.

Can you tell us something that belongs on a list of words to do with the idea of darkness?

What's the first long and wriggly thing that leaps into your head?

What's the most fun item on this list: running, swirling, dancing, sneaking?

Where on this list would you lay your head: hat, helmet, braid, mask?

What's the most delicious food out of whipped cream, apples, sushi, and spaghetti?

Which of the below establishments might you visit on a Saturday?

What zone of the body is most involved in all your favorite pastimes?

Which of these is the most titillating: rules, punishment, naughty, smack?

Which of this list of soft things would you rub against your cheek (either kind of cheek is fine): velvet, faux fur, felt, feather?

What's the naughtiest thing out of these items: whip, rope, cuff, blindfold?

Which of the below could your date wear that would make you really sit up and take notice?

If you were choosing a home, which would you prioritize out of the amenities below?

At which of these types of parties would you like to boogie?

When you're checking out a naked partner for the first time, which body part do you eye first: feet, chest, butt, or legs?

Which word would disturb you most from this list of emotions, if they came up on a first date: contempt, disgust, anger, malice?

Out of leather, lace, rubber or PVC, which is the most erotic?

Which of the qualities below would you rank most important in getting you to click on someone's dating profile?

How might you go about finding a partner, among these methods: bar-hopping, Tinder/Grindr, flyering, matchmaker?

Which of the habits below would disappoint you most in a sexual partner?

When you get it on with a new partner, what do you ask about first?

When you make a to-do list, what category do you list first out of the below?

Which of the following list of flirtations turns you on most?

When communicating with a partner between dates, what's your preferred option?

Which of these types of lighting is best for getting down?

You got down with a new partner and it was awful. You tried again, with no improvement. How do you ditch them?

Which of the following holidays has the most erotic potential to you?

What is the most sensual to touch out of the following: skin, hair, tongue, eyebrow?

Which word is the most disgusting out of: moist, ooze, pus, slime?

When you think about your fetish, what position do you like to be in: seated, standing, lying down, reclining?

What music will you pick to set the most erotic scene?

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