Pick a Bunch of Snacks to Eat and We'll Guess Your Relationship Status

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We're hangry AF right now, and it's a big mood. But, rather than getting super salty, we thought we'd talk about our fave salty snacks. And, we're not about to leave our beloved sweet and savory snacks out in the cold. No way, my dude. In this quiz, we've compiled our go-to treats for you to choose from, and when you've made your picks, we'll guess your relationship status. Are you single like a Pringle? Or, twisted up in romantic bliss like a pretzel?

From Cool Ranch Doritos to Half Baked ice cream, our snack game is on fleek. Gushers are Gucci, and who could forget the GOAT: Cheez-Its. That's just our humble opinion (but, we may have to throw down if you disagree). If it's crunchy, melty, squishy or chewy, we're basically living for it. 

Omg, we thought this quiz was going to help, but our hunger is turned all the way up now. While you pick your snacks, we think we might have to pop some pizza rolls in the oven. But, before we dip those delicious bite-sized babies in ranch, we'll make good on our promise to guess your relationship status. Your fave snacks reveal more about you than you think. The results will leave you shook.

After filling up your car, you run into the gas station to pick out something to munch on. Which snack are you finna grab?

No cap, have you ever bought a piece of register fruit from a gas station or convenience store?

We can't even with how many different kinds of Doritos there are. Which of these is your favorite flavor?

Now, we are the last people who would throw any shade about this, but how many Oreos can you eat in a single sitting?

Cheese is good, but pseudo-snack cheese is next level. Which of these cheesy AF snacks do you love the most?

Slushies are their own special kind of snack. Which of these flavors is your fave to slurp?

When you dip your hand into a bag of Chex Mix, what are you hoping to pull out?

You had a long day and just want to binge on some Netflix. What snack do you grab before settling in on the couch?

It's Friday night and time to treat yo' self. Which Ben and Jerry's flavor is waiting for you in the freezer?

We'll never forget these classic AF snacks from our childhood. Which one do you remember most fondly?

Healthy snacks have a time and a place (we guess). So, which of these is your go-to?

Take me out to the ball game, bruh. What are you snacking on at the baseball stadium?

Netflix is chill, but going to the movies is OG for sure. When you hit up the theater, which of these snacks are you selecting?

Quality crackers can make or break a snack plate. Which of these cheese vehicles is your fave?

They get a bad rap, but TBH vending machines have some decent bites. Which of these snacks could you eat right now?

Little Debbie snacks were (and always will be) life. Which of these borderline gourmet pastries is your fave?

We're not trying to troll anyone here, but if you can manage to keep your cool over this most heated subject, which of the following is the best candy bar?

Potato chips are obviously amazing, but low key, alternative chips deserve some credit. Which of these chips could you crunch right this second?

If you could only eat one Hostess snack for the rest of your life, which would it be?

Let's throw some snack shade. Which of these candy bars would you nominate as the worst of all time?

You're up late cramming for a test. Which snack is by your side while you get your study on?

Sometimes you just want to snack on something chewy AF. Which of these gummies is your go-to?

After you've gotten your swol on, which one of these protein-filled snack are you most likely to snag?

Cookies are a whole mood. Which of these yummy treats would you be down to dip in milk right now?

When we try to imagine a world without chocolate, we can't even. Which of these chocolatey snacks is your fave?

Peanut butter high key makes any snack healthy. Which of these PB goodies is the tastiest?

Alright, how do we feel about Fig Newtons?

Let's break down s'mores (aka the ultimate camping snack). What is your favorite component?

The art of the pretzel. Which of these snacks does pretzels the most justice?

Fruit is an OG snack. Which of the following is the most satisfying?

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