Pack an '80s Lunch and We'll Guess Which "Breakfast Club" Character You Are!

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IT'S TIME FOR LUNCH! If you were attending high school at any time period, lunchtime was probably your favorite time of the day. Now, if you were growing up in the '80s, you probably had a slew of lunch box and thermos options. Today we're going back in time to your favorite '80s lunches. From your favorite sandwich to the brand of chips you like, let's pack your lunch into a Pac-Man lunch box and see which member you are from "The Breakfast Club!" 

When it comes to '80s lunches, what were you filling your lunchbox with? Were you packing a ham and cheese sandwich? Maybe you chose the classic PB&J. For your snacks, were you going the healthy route with fruit and vegetables or were you munching on a bag of Doritos? 

If you think back to your life as a student, you were probably eating the same thing on most days. Tell us what foods were on your menu, and we'll tell you what "Breakfast Club" member you are!

John Hughes' released "The Breakfast Club" in 1985 and it followed five students who were stuck in Saturday morning detention. Will your lunch prove how polished you are like Claire Standish? Like the genius Brian, maybe you're '80s lunch was a perfect balance. Were you sneaking in a thermos of vodka like Allison? Maybe your lunch came from the vending machine like rebel John Bender or you might've been chomping on protein like the athletic Andy.

What were you eating in the '80s? Let us know and we'll let you know which "Breakfast Club" member you were!

See you in detention!

Do you prefer chocolate milk or strawberry milk?

Which best describes your '80s lunchbox?

Which cartoon character would you have had on your lunch box?

What did your mom put in your thermos?

Which sandwich would you hope to find in your lunchbox?

Would you add any fruit to your lunchbox?

What kind of cereal do you like most?

What would you least like finding in your lunch?

Which Juicy Juice flavor would you drink for lunch?

Which candy would you prefer to have as a lunch dessert?

What condiment do you most often put on a sandwich?

Did you ever try Smurf Berry Crunch?

How healthy would you rate your lunch?

Which flavor of Fruit Stripe would you like to have after lunch?

Will you put Bugles in your lunch?

Which Snack Pack flavor would you like most?

What kind of soup would you have in your thermos?

Would you ever put a Lunchable in your brown bag?

What kind of soda would you drink with your lunch?

Which fruit snack do you prefer?

Do you prefer Cheese Balls or Cheetos?

What kind of leftovers might make it in your lunch?

Which Jello Pudding Pop flavor would you like to have in your lunch?

How will you keep your lunch cool?

Which Kool-Aid flavor do you like most?

Which '80s candy bar would you sneak into your lunch bag?

Which of the Garbage Pail Kids do you think you are most like?

How would you describe your skills in the kitchen?

What kind of cheese would you put on a sandwich?

Which Doritos flavor do you prefer?

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