Pack a '90s Lunch and We'll Guess Your Favorite Childhood Recess Game!

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"Mother May I" take this quiz?! If you grew up in the '90s, there were classic lunches you were eating every day. From lunchables to Dunkaroos, pack a '90s lunch and we'll guess your favorite childhood recess game!

Many of us love the '90s because of the pop culture. The music, movies, and fashion of the time were unrivaled, but we also loved it for the lunches! Growing up in the '90s, there was an array of lunch options to choose from!

If you were a cool kid, you might've been snacking on lunchables. While ham and cheese was great, nothing beat the pizza lunchable. For a few sweets with your lunch, you might've been snacking on Fruit Roll-up or Fruit by the Foot. You were probably also satisfying your sweet tooth with Dunkaroos or Rice Krispies Treats! All you need to do is pack your '90s lunch and we'll guess your favorite childhood recess game!

Were you and your friends playing a competitive game of Kickball? You might've played four square or Hopscotch. Who could forget about the classic games of Duck, Duck, Goose, and Tag? Which were you playing?

Let us take a guess. From your classic '90s lunches, can we figure out what recess game was your absolute favorite?

Let's find out!

What kind of meat would you prefer in your Lunchables meal?

Would you have added string cheese to your '90s lunchbox?

Which fruit snack would you have added?

Which Minute Maid Juice Pop flavor did you like most?

Which flavor of Dunkaroos did you prefer?

Did you prefer Bagel Bites or Totino's Pizza Rolls?

How often did you pack your lunch during the '90s?

Which kind of Juicy Juice would you have put in your lunchbox?

Do you prefer Nacho Cheese Doritos or Cool Ranch Doritos?

Which Fruit Gushers flavor was the tastiest?

Which '90s soda would you drink right now?

Would you have packed a salad in your lunch?

Which Ring Pop would you have had for dessert?

Would you have eaten a Toaster Strudel for lunch?

Which word best describes your '90s lunch?

Which '90s cereal would be a good lunch contender?

How did you feel about Uncrustables?

Would Rice Krispie Treats make it into your '90s lunch?

What kind of Ouch gum did you use to freshen your breath?

Did you have a favorite Squeez-It flavor?

Did you prefer Jello Pudding Pops or Jello Pudding Bites?

Did you like Melody Pops?

Which Chef Boyardee item would have been found in your lunchbox?

Do you remember Smiley Fries?

How did you feel about EZ Squirt ketchup?

Which kind of Keebler cookie was best?

Did you prefer Cheez-Its or pretzels?

Which Little Debbie snack cake would you have been happiest to see in your lunch?

Which '90s food would most you like to see brought back?

Did you like Push Pops back in the '90s?

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