Order a Bunch of Food From Taco Bell and We'll Guess Your Relationship Status

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Taco Bell's extensive menu has thrilled patrons of the "Mexican inspired" restaurant for decades. While their menu items get larger and cheesier, we drool over the calories that we consume. We might often wonder how one restaurant can use the same 15 ingredients to create such different menu items, but in truth, it's all about creativity and wit (and sometimes, extra steak) ... which is what the perfect relationship is all about, really. 

Let's face it; Taco Bell is a pretty magical place. It's so magical, in fact, that the items you order from their menu can tell a lot about you (and not just how much cheese you can handle in a single sitting). Believe it or not, your Taco Bell order can even tell people your relationship status. There are little elements to this magical menu that reveal even the darkest truths about a person, and these truths include how they handle relationships. It's not witchcraft. It's not science. It's Taco flippin' Bell, y'all!

Alright, you might not believe that your preferences in Taco Bell's menu items are so powerful, but if you try ordering a bunch of stuff from their extensive menu, we'll guess if your relationship status is single, in a relationship, married or it's complicated. Let's play!

When it comes to eating Taco Bell, the taco you prefer says it all. Which taco are you having?

Can you pick a specialty menu item from this list?

If you only had a dollar to spend at Taco Bell, what would you buy?

Of these items, which one do you prefer?

When you order a chalupa, what kind of chalupa is it?

When it's time for dessert, what do you have to have?

It's time to order a breakfast menu item. Which one are you having?

What sauce do you have to have with your nacho chips?

When there's a quesadilla on your order, what kind of quesadilla is it?

It's time to pick something off the power menu. What will it be?

For a side, what are you having?

It's time to pick a drink. What will quench your thirst?

Which Doritos Locos taco shell do you prefer?

Can you pick a cravings box?

Which of these layered menu items is a must-have?

What are you going to add to your taco to make it better?

Can you choose from these classic burritos?

Which type of beans do you like?

How many tostadas are on your order?

Which value menu item sounds the best?

What kind of meat do you want on your taco salad?

When it's time to order cheese roll-ups, how many can you put down?

Which of these items would you add nacho cheese to?

What kind of quesadilla are you having?

If you could only have one of these items in your order, which would it be?

Can you choose one from these bowl items?

What size pack of Cinnabon delights are you getting?

If you had to choose nachos, which menu item would it be?

Which "Freeze" menu item are you getting?

Is there a breakfast burrito that you prefer?

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