Order a Bunch of Food From Shake Shack and We'll Guess Your Secret Fetish

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Shake Shack originated in New York City, where it first opened in 2010 but has since expanded to many locations on the East Coast, 208 of them to be exact. It's categorized as a fast-casual restaurant, but it doesn't feel like any other fast casual place. The quality of the ingredients they use is of a higher caliber than other burger joints, and it really shows in the flavor of the food. They pride themselves on having cage-free eggs, free-range chicken and non-GMO burger buns. All of that is what sets them apart from other places. If you're not on the East Coast of the United States, they also have many international locations. 

The creation of Shake Shack was due to the revitalization of Madison Square Park and spearheaded by restauranteur Danny Meyer. Fun fact! It was never meant to be a chain. But like anything as delicious and high quality as Shake Shack comes along, more people are going to want to be able to experience it. Because sales were growing so rapidly, they decided to open up more locations. Since then, the menu has grown as have their collaborations with local artisans to make things like a signature chocolate bar. 

Food like this can be a really eye-opening experience for diners. Don't think so? Order up a bunch of food from Shake Shack, and we'll guess the fetish you've been trying to keep secret!

Would you order just the good old Shack Burger?

Are you getting anything special put on your burger?

Your dog has joined you in this feast! What menu item are you ordering for your pup?

If you weren't in the mood for a burger, would you order the chicken sandwich?

With the Shack-cago dog, are there any toppings you're leaving off?

Which Shack dog sounds the best to you out of all the options?

Are the regular fries or cheese fries more your style?

Let's get down to business. Which shake are you getting from the shack?

Is there another ice cream treat you want more than a milkshake?

Do you order a milkshake mostly so you have something to dip your fries into?

Which menu item is the best to take home and eat on the couch in front of the TV?

If you were having a party catered by Shake Shack, what would you order the most of?

Do you know Shake Shack has breakfast?

Which breakfast item would you choose if you stopped by on your way to work?

There's more than just soft drinks at this fine establishment. Which drink refreshes your palate?

What's the best mix-in for a blended ice cream treat at Shake Shack?

Do you need anything to be gluten free?

Which secret menu item are you taking to work for lunch and hopefully not eating at 10 a.m.?

Which menu item is the best to take on a summer picnic?

If it was someone's first experience with Shake Shack and they asked you for a recommendation, what would you suggest they start out with?

Do you take your burger with lettuce and tomato?

What's the best thing about the ingredients Shake Shack uses?

Fries are hot, crispy, salty and delicious on their own, but which dipping sauce takes them to a new level?

You're ordering up a custard, but it needs a little something more. Which sauce is going on top?

Which float flavor goes the best with a classic Shack burger?

Out of all the menu items, which one do you keep going back to time and time again?

If you could order the meal of your dreams, no guilt, no calorie counting and no counting change, what ultimate meal would you order?

Could the 'Shroom burger ever be a replacement for a meat burger?

Since you can find Shake Shacks in sports stadiums now, which sport is made way better when eating it?

If you were waiting at the airpot for your flight, what would you order to help pass the time?

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