Order a Bunch of Food From Chipotle and We'll Guess Your Relationship Status

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For a long time, if people wanted Mexican food, they had the option of going to Taco Bell. Sure, if you lived near Mexico, you had more options but consider the poor people in the North, or even in Canada. Taco Bell was it, and maybe the odd local authentic Mexican place if they were lucky. Then, in the 1990s, Chipotle appeared. Finally, an option for something a little fresher and a little more authentic. It's not streetside tacos in Guadalaraja authentic, but baby steps, people.

Chipotle is all about the experience, making that big, tasty burrito right before your eyes with all the fillings you crave and none of that same sort of fast food feeling you get from so much stuff that's out there in burger joints or fried chicken places. It makes you feel like you're doing something right for yourself. The way you build your Chipotle order says a lot about who you are, too. All those options really play on some psychology. For instance, we bet we can guess your current relationship status based on nothing more than your Chipotle order. Does it sound impossible? Well, there's one way to find out! Grab your tortillas and take the quiz!

If you're at Chipotle you have to be ordering a burrito, right? How do you want yours filled?

Once you have your main filling chosen, they're going to want to rice it up for you. How are you ordering your rice?

Chipotle claims you can order 65,000 different combinations of food at their restaurant. How many have you tried?

It's bean time! How are you beaning your burrito?

Does your burrito need any dairy on it for that added touch?

Which salsa is clearly the best salsa of all the salsas?

With all these options, it's hard to get it right sometimes. If someone is ordering your burrito for you, what's the one thing they need to remember?

You should add some veggie extras to your burrito to make it a little healthier. What'll you have?

Are you getting a side of chips or not?

Chips are all fine and good, but they need to be dipped! What's your pleasure?

You could literally double every single topping in your burrito. That said, do you ever feel guilty or awkward asking for more?

Technically you don't need to order a burrito. You could get tacos! How many do you want?

The toughest choice you'll make all day - soft shell taco or crunchy shell?

If you want something a little lighter than beef, what kind of taco might you order?

Unlike some restaurants, Chipotle is pretty open about all their ingredients, even spices. Which spice is adding the flavor you crave?

A chipotle is actually a smoked jalapeno, and yes, Chipotle cooks with them. What's your favorite kind of pepper from their ingredient list?

What don't you want on your taco or burrito?

Is there a fresh ingredient that you need to help give your burrito that extra kick of life?

Would you consider ordering a burrito bowl instead of a burrito?

Chipotle has a few salad bowls. Which one do you want to try?

You can always order an extra portion of pretty much everything on the menu. What do you want to double up on?

Chipotle used to offer chorizo but then they nixed it. Do you want it back?

Build your own salad! What do you want?

Chipotle customers are serious about getting the most food for their money. Which of these tricks would you try?

It's time to hit up the secret menu! What'll you have?

You're definitely thirsty after all this. What do you want to drink?

So there's a Chipotle online store if you're super, super into Chipotle. What would you order?

What's your least favorite of the standard toppings?

If you can only order one thing, what's it going to be - burrito, bowl or taco?

Chipotle is closed due to possums! What's your second choice?

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