Can You Match These NASCAR Vehicles With Their Drivers?

By: Robin Tyler
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Without a doubt, America loves NASCAR!

There is nothing quite like watching and listening to these thundering brutes as they dash around oval tracks throughout the country, powering and slipstreaming their way to victory. 

And the sport has a long and cherished history. Since its formation in 1949, NASCAR vehicles certainly have come a long way from those stock standard racers of yesteryear that gave people like Red Byron, Herb Thomas and the like their first taste of oval racing and the euphoria of being crowned the winner in victory lane. 

Soon, standard vehicles began to be modified and a new generation of heroes emerged, all capable of not only keeping that unbridled power in check but using it to their advantage to cross the finish line and take the checkered flag first.

Along with these drivers who became legends were their vehicles, so becoming as famous as the men that sat in them. 

But the question is, would you able to match these cars with their drivers? This is no easy task and will certainly test your NASCAR knowledge to the fullest. Of course, some are easier than others, especially the most recent which are far easier to remember than those combinations from the beginning of the sport!

Good luck!

The Hudson Hornet was virtually unbeatable at the beginning of NASCAR history. Before modifications were allowed, the stock Hornet was the fastest car out there. Herb Thomas drove his to 8 wins and 19 top-five finishes.

In 2008, Jimmie Johnson's Chevrolet Impala served him well. On his way to the NASCAR championship that year, Johnson won seven times and recorded 15 top-five finishes. He also became the second driver to record three consecutive championships after Cale Yarborough.

The "Banana Car," a modified Ford Galaxie, was driven at only one race during the 1966 NASCAR season as it was banned thanks to all the changes made. Fred Lorenzen was leading that race only to wreck the car before the end.

In 1981, Darrell Waltrip won the NASCAR championship from Bobby Allison by just 53 points. In the 1981 Buick, Waltrip had an incredible car that helped secure him

Named the "Black Widow," Buck Baker's Chevrolet 150 saw him to the NASCAR championship in 1957 with 10 wins in 40 races.

Bobby Isaac and his Dodge Daytona won the NASCAR championship in 1970. Of the 308 races he entered during his career, Isaac won 37.

Dale Earnhardt's Chevrolet Monte Carlo won just one race in 1998 but it was the race that had eluded NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt for 20 years - the Daytona 500. And for that year, that's all that mattered.

David Pearson was a three-time NASCAR champion, with the last of his titles coming in the 1969 season where he drove a Ford Torino Cobra Talladega. He managed 11 wins and an incredible 42 Top 5 finishes in 51 starts. That season also saw him become the first driver to have a qualifying speed of over 190mph for the Daytona 500.

Richard Petty did a fair bit of car swapping during the 1978 and 1979 season but managed a NASCAR Series win, ending the championship driving the STP Chevrolet Monte Carlo.

The Miller Life Buick Regal of Bobby Allison sure was a pretty-looking car back in '88. Sadly, Allison was involved in a massive smash at Pocono that not only nearly killed him, but ended his career.

Sponsored by Valvoline, this beautiful-looking car took Mark Martin to two NASCAR victories that year.

By 1959, NASCAR was changing. The 1959 Oldsmobile driven by Lee Petty secured him the first-ever Daytona 500, but only three days later after a photo finish and much deliberation.

Richard Petty and his Plymouth Belvedere were pretty much unbeatable in 1967. On his way to the championship that year, Petty won 27 of the 48 races. This included 10 wins in a row!

Bobby Allison's Chevrolet Chevelle took him to two victories during the 1973 NASCAR series. He also finished in the point on seven occasions. Maybe not the greatest record, but a win is NASCAR is always something to write home about.

Jeff Gordon drove a Chevrolet Lumina for his second season in the NASCAR Cup series in 1994. He went on to record his first two wins as well, first at the Coca-Cola 600 and then the Brickyard 400.

During the 1971 season, David Pearson claimed 2 victories in the NASCAR championship. Both came while driving a 1971 Mercury Montego and were secured in Talladega and at Daytona (not the 500 but the Firecracker 400).

Rusty Wallace rode the Ford Taurus to his 50th Cup victory. It came at the race at Bristol Lane in 2000. Wallace's blue and white Taurus, sponsored by Miller Lite, became an iconic sight on the NASCAR circuit.

The 2013 season started with Jimmie Johnson claiming the Daytona 500 in his Chevrolet SS. It was a good omen, with Johnson going on to win his sixth NASCAR Cup Series Championship.

A NASCAR champion in 1965, Ned Jarrett only raced in 21 races of the 1966 NASCAR season after announcing his retirement following Ford stating they were withdrawing from NASCAR. He managed five Top 5 finishes but was unable to pull off a win before bowing out.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. changed to Hendrick Motorsports for the 2008 season. It did him good with his win at the Michigan Motor Speedway helping to end a winless streak that had stretched on for 76 races.

What an incredible paint job the Chevy SS had during the 1983 season. Rudd claimed two victories that season. Not only good-looking but a winner as well.

The Hudson Hornet was virtually unbeatable in the beginning of NASCAR history. Before modifications were allowed, the stock Hornet was the fastest car out there. Marshall Teague rode his Hornet to two race wins in 1951 and 1952.

Sponsored by Holly Farms, the Chevrolet Laguna S-3 of Cale Yarborough saw him to 9 victories and the NASCAR championship in 1976.

This No. 6 Dodge Charger was ridden to the NASCAR Cup Series championship in 1966 by David Pearson, and also contributed to his 105 overall wins, the second highest in NASCAR history.

The winner of the first NASCAR championship ever, Byron drove a 1949 Oldsmobile and won two of the six races he entered.

A switch of teams in 2013 saw Matt Kenseth join up with Joe Gibbs Racing and the bright yellow No 20 Toyota Camry. The new change proved positive, with Kenseth recording a win at the Quaker State 400.

Tony Stewart recorded his third and final NASCAR title in 2011 driving the red Chevrolet Impala. It was a hard-fought win decided at the final race of the season.

Dodge returned to NASCAR for the first time in ages when Bill Elliot drove an Intrepid for the Evernham Motorsport team. And what a return it was, with Elliot putting the red No 9 Intrepid on pole for the Daytona 500. The team also recorded one victory that season.

In 1990, Dale Earnhardt raced to his fourth NASCAR Cup series championship driving the jet-black Chevrolet Lumina sponsored by Goodwrench.

Cale Yarborough managed four wins during the 1979 season driving his white Oldsmobile. Interestingly, that was only enough to secure him fourth place in the championship. 1979 included a famous fist fight when Yarborough and Donnie Allison came together on the final lap of the Daytona 500.

Bill Elliott's 1984 Ford Thunderbird, with its deep red color scheme and Coors as the main sponsor, was not difficult to spot. During the 1985 NASCAR championship, Evans secured 11 poles as well as 11 wins including the Winston Million and Daytona 500.

In 2006, Jimmy Johnson won his seventh NASCAR Cup Series championship driving the dark blue Monte Carlo SS sponsored by Lowe's.

During the first year using the chase point format, Kyle Busch won the Cup Series championship riding a Ford Taurus.

Thanks to his 1986 Buick, Bobby Allison claimed the Winston 500 at Talladega, his first win in over two years! Mark Martin secured two victories in this NASCAR ride sponsored by a famous oil company. What make and model was Martin's ride?

In 1997, Jeff Gordon won the Daytona 500 in his Chevrolet Monte Carlo. He led home teammates Terry Labonte and Ricky Craven for a 1-2-3 sweep of the podium. This was Gordon's first Daytona win.

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