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ARE YOU EXEMPLARY? If you have an IQ of 130+ you certainly are! When it comes to the SAT, we'd all be more at ease if the vocabulary section chose everyday words. Only someone with an IQ of 130+ can pass this SAT vocab quiz. Is that you?

Known as the Scholastic Aptitude Test, the SAT has been around since 1926. Since then, colleges and universities have been looking at critical reading, writing, and math results to decide whether they want to accept particular students. One of the major sections of the critical reading section is the vocabulary. Thousands of students sign up for SAT vocabulary "words of the day" to master this section. Could you?

With a word like infamous, can you tell if the connotation is good or bad? It might help to have a sentence like "The criminal is infamous for his long list of bank heists." While this word might seem easy, most of them surely aren't! 

Do you know what it means to "abdicate" the throne? If someone tells you they have a "conundrum," what exactly is it? If you were told a storyline was "hackneyed," would you look around in confusion? Not if your IQ is over 130!

Only someone with an IQ of 130+ can pass this SAT vocabulary quiz. We want to know if you're one of them! From intrepid to pretentious, could you pass this quiz? There's only one way to find out.

Let's commence!


Indigenous means natively grown in an area, as in crops or something related to agriculture. If it’s a person, it means someone native from that specific area or land, as in indigenous people.


To negate is to turn something into a negative, whether tangible or abstract. It also means cancelling something, like an event or value.


A tirade is when someone releases a string of hurtful words towards another. It’s usually applied for speech or language.


A predecessor is someone who previously occupied a position taken over by someone new. The prefix “pre” refers to "before."


A retraction is a withdrawal of an action or a verbal agreement. It can also pertain to an action of something automated.


Having notoriety is when someone gets popular for doing something bad or inept. And when it persists, that someone also gets infamous for a long time.


A boorish person is someone who has bad manners. Boorish could also pertain to being rough in terms of overall personality and speech.


To falter is to hesitate, in the moment stopping an action or speech. So someone who continues to falter, means they lack confidence.


Being obsolete means something is of no use anymore. It could be applied to objects, abstract ideas, or ways of doing things.


A hiatus is a break. It means taking a long leave or stopping an activity in the meantime, with an assumption to resume later.


Derogatory means to demean something or someone. It could also apply to words as well as actions.


Ambivalence means being undecided about something. It can also mean something is unclear.


Being stagnant means something is not moving. Stagnant waters is a good example of its usage.


Being magnanimous means very generous. It also means doing something really good in a big way.


Verbosity pertains to one’s ability to express thoughts using more words than what is necessary. It could refer to writings or speech.


To collate means to arrange things in chronological order. It means to gather together as well.


Gregarious means having extroverted behavior. That means someone is very outgoing and talkative.


To languish means something is deteriorating badly. It could be a purposeful an act or done by accident.


Quarantine means isolating something due to medical purposes or reasons. It is usually used for living beings, like humans, when preventing the spread of diseases.


To jeopardize means to put something in danger. It also means to risk something, whether big or small.


Whimsical means being a bit careful and carefree. It usually pertains to a person’s behavior and actions.


Potent means being strong or powerful. It’s usually applied to scents or tastes/flavors.


Ludicrous means something is very silly. It could be an act or the result of an act.


Animosity means harboring a feeling of hatred towards someone or something. It could be purposeful but it’s sometimes not done on purpose as well.


Orthodox means being very traditional. It usually applies to religion, religious practices or beliefs.


A truant is someone who plays hooky. It’s usually done in purpose, especially when students skip school.


Myriad means a great number of collective items. For example, you could say “I have myriad talents."


Banality is the state of being boring or unoriginal. It could also mean very ordinary.


Zeal means to have great energy or enthusiasm for something. A zealot, meanwhile, is someone who’s very dedicated to a fault.


A genre is a category of works, for example pop culture products, that share similar styles and elements. Therefore, comedy is a genre, as well as horror.


Incarceration pertains to being jailed. Someone who is incarcerated means they are behind bars.


To underscore means to give an emphasis on something. In written form, this is signified by underlining the part you want to underscore.


To be riddled means to put many things on something. This is usually associated with putting holes, like being riddled with bullets, hence having many gunshot holes as a result.


To exonerate means to clear someone from wrongdoing. It’s like burning the evidence of the negative, so one can start with​ a clean slate.


Vacuous means lacking in intelligence or substance. It could apply to people or to people’s actions or words.

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