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A wrench is a wrench is a wrench, except when it isn't. In fact, a wrench isn't just a wrench; it's a necessary and specific tool in the arsenals of master mechanics. Do you know the difference between wrenches and other garage tools? Take this quiz to see if you know what to use when.

Look, we all know that, in some cases, a butter knife will suffice in place of a screwdriver, but if you intend to do the job right, you'll need the right tools. This is why serious mechanics have a host of tools that look a lot alike in the eyes of the untrained. And, we're not just talking about fixing cars, here. The average garage is filled with a multitude of tools designed to perform a multitude of tasks. So, whether you're a car enthusiast, a gardener, or a sportsman (or all three!), your garage is the spot where you store all of your tools. And, whether you are digging, cutting, planting, rebuilding, or polishing, you know the exact tool for the job. We've compiled a list of thirty-five tools for this quiz, based on the most common implements for basic jobs.

Let's find out how much you know about the tools you might find in a garage!

When you need to grip something tight!

A vise allows you to secure something you are working on and still have two hands free. It is useful when cutting objects with a saw or hacksaw.


This is a great tool to measure electrical resistance.

An ohm meter measures electrical resistance. This can help tell if a circuit has a break in it or not.


1000 tools in 1. Well, maybe not that many.

A multi-tool is a great addition to any garage. Its versatility is in the fact that it can be carried easily off-site. When the correct tools are with you, however, always use them ahead of a multi-tool equivalent.


Protecting your hands is crucial in any situation.

Although they can be restrictive, gloves are a necessity in a workshop situation. Bear in mind, there are different thicknesses available, so if you are doing fine work but still need protection, use a thinner pair.


This is an excellent tool for cutting wood.

If you need to cut a piece of wood, a hand saw is your go-to tool. The blade has many teeth that easily cut through wood fibre. It can also be used to cut plastic.


For when accidents happen.

Accidents can happen so easily. A first aid kit is a prerequisite in any garage.


If you need to cut anything, this is the tool to turn to.

A utility knife is very, very sharp. The blade, however, can practically cut anything so it is very useful in a garage.


This tool is used to gently (or not so gently) hit things!

A garage always has a range of hammers. This one can be used for heavy duty work.


This is used to cut things, but particularly metal.

A hacksaw is mandatory in a set of garage tools. Although it can cut pretty much anything, this is your go to tool when you need to cut metal.


Dig, dig and dig some more!

Need to dig a hole? Or maybe mix cement? A shovel is a necessary tool in any garage.


This tool is used for shaping metal.

Metals files can be used to shape metals or file small pieces of metal away that are difficult to cut with a hacksaw.


This is a great all-round cutting tool.

Other than a utility knife, a pair of snips is a great addition to any toolbox and can be used to cut a variety of things.


No, this doesn't need a pet to operate.

A monkey wrench, sometimes called a pipe wrench, can be adjusted to fit any bolt. This is a useful tool in any garage.


These work with a certain kind of wrench and make turning bolts far easier than using a normal spanner.

Sockets come in a range of sizes and fit to a socket wrench. They are the easiest way to tighten or loosen a bolt.


This can be used to hold various objects and can be adjusted for size.

Slip-join pliers are different than regular pliers in the fact that they can be adjusted to hold larger sized objects. A serrated jaw helps to keep the objects in place.


This tool is used to turn in fasteners of various kinds.

The great thing about a ratcheting screwdriver is that you can fit multiple heads to it. So it will have a head for flathead screws as well as one for Phillips screws, for example. The ratcheting mechanism itself also makes it easier turn screws in and out.


No matter where you are working, protecting your eyes is crucial

Our eyes are crucial to our everyday lives and should be protected at all times. This means wearing protective eyewear in general situations as well as specialty eyewear when needed, for example, a welding helmet when welding.


Turn, turn and turn some more, this tool helps you fasten things together or hold something in place.

The Phillips screwdriver was invented by Harry Phillips in 1920. The Pozidriv (or Supadrive) screwdriver is very similar and often gets mistaken for a Phillips.


This tool can have many uses around the workshop but in most cases, you will use it on a certain part of a car wheel.

The obvious use of a pry bar is to pry things apart that may be stuck together. In a workshop scenario, this is the tool you use to take a hubcap off a wheel, thus exposing the wheel nuts underneath.


These fasteners are different to nails and need to be turned in as opposed to hammered in.

A screw is a fastener that requires a screwdriver to be tightened or loosened. Screws come with different heads so make sure you have the right screwdriver for the job at hand.


A place from which to work.

There are times when you need a flat surface from which to work. A workbench allows you this luxury as well as a place where you can keep tools that you use often.


A place to store your valuable equipment.

An untidy garage is a less productive garage. Make sure you keep all your tools stored away safely when not in use.


Protecting your head with this will help prevent head injuries.

Although people do not like wearing them, helmets are simply the best way to protect your head. You may not need them at all times, but when reaching for tools or equipment on high shelves, you never know what could fall on your head and injure you.


If you need to measure something accurately, this is the tool you should reach for first.

When working on any project, accurate measurements are key. That's where a tape measure comes in handy. Use it to measure small distances or even those that might be slightly longer.


This tool is used to cut off small pieces of wood.

A chisel is used to shape wood. This can be done either by hand or by tapping on the handle with a hammer.


Although these are not always needed in the garage, make sure to have them around and drive them in with a hammer when necessary.

Although you probably won't need nails in a garage on an everyday basis, you never know when you might need them.


When you need to move your power source around, this always comes in handy.

Sometimes you may need to work with a power tool away from a plug point. This is easily achieved with an extension cord.


This tool is mainly used for cutting wires.

Side cutting pliers are used to cut electrical wires. They are an essential part of any toolbox, especially when electrical work is taking place.


Bring some brightness to dark areas.

When you are working in small, confined spaces within a car engine, for example, you may need to have some form of light. Although a torch is great, it takes away one of your hands. Using a torch that straps to your head is the perfect solution.


This tool is essential in the workshop and allows a mechanic to easily tighten and loosen nuts.

Socket wrenches have an array of different sized sockets that simply click onto them. This one tool can effectively do the job of many different wrench sizes.


This will blow out the cobwebs!

An air compressor is not only great for inflating tires but for helping to clean dusty areas and even dry car parts you may have washed.


This is the best way to protect your feet in a workshop situation.

A garage is filled with heavy equipment. You don't want anything dropping on your toes, although if something does, steel-toe safety boots will protect your feet.


This tool is used to raise and lower your car so you can take off a wheel, for example.

Basic wheel jacks require someone to turn the mechanism which will raise or lower your vehicle once the jack is in place. More advanced jacks work on compressed air and these are generally the ones found in workshops.


This helps to make sure everything is straight!

A spirit level is used to make sure a surface is horizontal, for example. All you need to do is line the air bubble within the target area and you know it is as straight as it can be.


When faced with a very specific bolt that needs to be tightened, you will need this tool.

These are used to tighten or loosen bolts with a hexagonal indentation in which the keys fit.


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