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Being a handyman -- regardless if you're a man or a woman -- is a feat that anyone could try their hand at. 

Think of the handyman as a jack (or a jill!) of all trades. If you like doing things yourself instead of calling a specific "expert" in their field, then you can try your hand at being a handyman. It's easy if you're highly interested in fixing small stuff around your house on your own.

Perhaps anyone who has had some experience living on their own, outside of their parents' house, has tried being a handyman one way or another. Toilet flush not working? Just lift the lid and tinker away there! Sink or faucet malfunctioning? Then try swiping one of your handy tools and try to fix the small leak yourself. Or how about small electrical problems with lighting? Small efforts and knowledge, thanks to science and gut feel, could do the trick!

But we mostly know our handyman as being handy with carpentry needs around the house. Aside from the small plumbing and electrical problems, a handyman can also look at some technical problems with small appliances. Painting needs could also be handled the same way. See, now you understand how all these trades could make up one: being a handyman!

So for those of you out there who have had this experience in your lives, try taking this quiz and have fun identifying the tools of the handyman trade!

This handy strap-on thing can carry the tools of the trade near one's body. What is it?

The tool belt should be sturdy enough to carry all those small but weighty tools around! So leather types are popular for this reason.


You use this for driving nails into walls or wood. What is it?

A good old-fashioned hammer should still be present in any tool belt. A handyman is not a handyman without one!


This hand tool could have a flat tip, a cross tip or a star tip. What is it?

Any household could be saved by having a simple screwdriver around. Handymen should have all three kinds of it in their belt.


What you use to apply coats of paint on a surface. What is it?

Aside from having a paintbrush on your handyman side, you should also prepare other paint cleaning stuff if this is the line of handyman work you'll do.


This gets the job done if you want to bore holes on a surface. What is it?

A power drill is a necessary tool for any self-respecting handyman. Get the cordless one!


The clear goggles and plugs serve as protectors, but of what kind?

Eye and ear protectors should be part and parcel of the handyman trade. The clear goggles protect the eye from small particles that might enter it, and the ear plugs or ear muffs work in protecting the eardrums from too much power tool noise.


This hand tool for shaping hard surfaces made of metal, wood or stone is called what?

A chisel is a great tool to have, due to its versatility. Try to get the one that's good to use for many hard surfaces.


Unfold and lift your feet up using this, to reach higher spaces. What is it?

Some step ladders are equipped with holders on the side, to put some tools there. But be careful in climbing!


This small hand tool used to grip small things is called what?

The long-nose pliers is always the one that's most handy to have at home. So a handyman should also have this one in his or her belt.


For gardening purposes, a small version of this tool is needed. What is it?

A small shovel comes in handy or more than digging up dirt. Sometimes, you don't know what you'll need to dig up or dig out in a job!


This is great for turning nuts and bolts and other similar stuff. What is it called?

Wrench turning ought to be a sport! Any handyman worth their tools should have one of these!


To know the accurate measurement of things, roll this one out!

Any handyman should have a tape measure in their midst. The retractable kind is always the advisable one to use.


So as not to have a hard time reaching electrical outlets for plugging in, this is used.

Extension cords these days come in many creative designs. There's the usual long strip, the one with the drum for easy rolling in and back, and now there's a clamp style.


To clean up leaves and small garden stuff, you can have a small version of this tool. What's it called?

Your handyman prowess might also extend to some gardening requirement. It's nice to have a small rake for such needs.


To cut long tubes of a plumbing nature, this tool is needed. What is it?

The pipe cutter is a handy tool to have if you need to cut lots of pipes in your daily grind. Nope, put that saw away...


This huge blade with very sharp-edged teeth could cut hard objects into half! What's it called?

You can have a circular saw for more power. You can also have just the regular manual saw, which will also do the job.


You use this to "shoot" down nails instead of hammering them down. What's it called?

A nail gun makes nailing life easier. Kiss your hammers goodbye ... for now.


Use this if you want to see if there's voltage running through something. What's it called?

A small electrical tester is handy to use if you want to check for electricity supply, for instance in a socket or outlet. Make sure you're holding the proper ends, OK?


If ya got a clog in a drain, what ya gonna use?

For emergency plumbing needs, a plunger is very handy to have around. It could also unclog sinks in a jiffy.


If you don't want to sneeze from all the small flying particles around you, what do you wear?

A dust mask is essential in any handyman job. There will always be small flying particles around, so better not inhale 'em!


This hand tool with the flat blade end is useful to remove stuff plastered onto walls. What is it?

The paint scraper saves you time when scraping off paint on surfaces. It's also good to use when removing wallpaper.


To check if your mounting prowess correctly follows the horizon line or not, what tool will you use?

Some call it spirit level, others just call it plain level. It usually has a small tube with viscous liquid and a bubble that should be in the middle, so as to tell you of the right horizon level.


Use this handy tool to make various kinds of cuts. What's it called?

A jigsaw is versatile enough to fit in different kinds of blades in the contraption. It's something every handyman should have.


This power tool is the arch enemy of abrasive surfaces. What's it called?

Goodbye sandpaper, hello sander! Power tools to smoothen rough surfaces rock!


This tool is also named after a polygon with three sides. What is it?

A triangle is very handy for making measurements accurately. Make sure you use the metal kind so you can also use it as a cutting guide if necessary.


This general purpose cutter is known by one versatile name. What is it?

A utility knife usually has a small blade that's replaceable. It's good for small cutting needs.


When a tool belt is not enough to carry the small tools, this carry-all could do the trick. What's it called?

Any handyman should have their own tool box. This is where all the tools of the trade are stored, ready for hauling anywhere!


A kind of pliers that locks its hold very very very tight is called what?

This thicker kind of pliers actually locks for a tighter hold of things. Very useful if you need steadier locking moves.


To lighten up dark spots, a handy kind of this device is needed. What is it?

A small but handy flashlight comes in handy indeed for any handyman. Even if you're working during the day, there will be small nooks that need to be lighted...


This drawing and writing tool can also be a handyman tool. What is it?

Every toolbox and tool belt should have at least a simple pencil for marking needs. How else would you take note of measurements?


Real handymen also wear these toughies on their feet. What is it?

Sturdy work boots are needed by handymen serious with their repair jobs. It helps protect the feet, and also has a good traction for more protection.


Spray out stuff with this oily mixture in a can. What's it called?

Mechanical work would be benefitted with the presence of some WD-40 around. It's useful for small oiling and lubrication needs.


To stick small or big things together, a handyman should also have this.

Some handymen use superglue for small fix-it stuff. Some use the sturdier bonds like epoxy for harder surfaces.


This very tough adhesive strip is tough as a sealant or to stick things together. What's it called?

Duct tape is a very handy adhesive strip to use in any kind of construction work. Electricians also use this often.


Just in case a small fire ensues, what do you need to have?

A small and handy fire extinguisher is needed in any situation. You'll never know when small fires could light up!


Your hands also need protection, so what do you use when working?

For those doing repair or maintenance jobs that require holding rough surfaces, work gloves are essentially needed. Make sure to get the ones good for woodworking and electrical work combined.


Instead of using office-level small staplers, you use this powered kind.

Staple guns are actually fun to use. It gives you great mobility when stapling things that are otherwise hard to staple if using a regular stapler.


If you need to secure planks in place, what do you use?

The versatile wood clamps are easily adjustable according to the width of the thing being clamped. There's a kind that doesn't leave marks!


This small shovel-like hand tool is handy for bricklaying purposes. What's it called?

A trowel usually looks like a really small shovel, but it has a triangular blade with a wider base near the handle. It can be handy in scooping up mixtures like cement or plaster.


For dirty hands and surfaces, you can use this simple fabric for wiping dirt off. What's it called?

You wouldn't think that rags are tools, but they are! Imagine going around with dirty hands, eew.


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