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There are many thousands upon thousands of animal species on this planet, and while we may think we know them all fairly well, even an experienced veterinarian really only knows the ones they deal with all the time. Animals belong to the kingdom Animalia, which is the second-highest taxonomic rank (the highest being a domain). Animalia includes all vertebrate and invertebrate animals, including the ones who crawl, fly, swim and run. We humans also have less formal classifications for animals: pets, pests, prey, predators, farmyard animals, food, and so on. We find it absolutely abhorrent to eat certain animals, usually because they're cute, friendly, companions, or perhaps because they're getting increasingly rare and we want to protect them.

However, we don't always know too much about these feathery, furry, scaly, and other friends who share our homes, wind up on our plates, or simply engage our attention as we go out and about in the world. Anyone can own a dog, but only a true dog-lover knows all about a dog's health needs. Anyone can eat a cow without knowing how many stomachs it has. So click through and let's see how well you know the animals that fill our lives!

How many stomachs does a cow have?

Ruminants have four stomachs, which is why they chew the cud - it's a way of softening up high-fiber food like grass to make it ready for further digestion.


Which of these is not a pachyderm?

Pachyderms are a somewhat obsolete "order" of mammal with a thick skin, and include elephant, rhinoceros, and hippopotamus.


What's special about male seahorses?

Male seahorses take the fertilized eggs back from the female and carry them to term. It's all very feminist as labor is divided!


How long can a snail sleep?

Snails can sleep for a really long time! But they move so slowly that it's really hard to tell the difference if they're awake or not.


Why might a koala be arrested?

Koalas have fingerprints like those of humans!


What animal has an opposable thumb?

All these animals have opposable thumbs, meaning they have a digit that faces the others and enables effective gripping.


What is the oldest living animal?

Jonathan the tortoise is about 186 years old and still kicking - albeit really slowly.


Can turtles feel through their shells?

Turtles can feel through their shell - they usually don't like it but if you want to make a turtle smile, give it a very gentle scratch with a soft toothbrush and watch it wriggle for joy!


What sound do giraffes make?

Giraffes' necks are too busy getting blood all the way up to their heads to deal with sounds. They have no vocal chords.


What mammal especially preys on snakes?

Mongooses prey on snakes, though they don't eat them - they just kill them to protect their nests.


What endangered animal has striped skin?

Tigers have striped skin and fur - it's just that their fur is so beautiful that you'd never shave it off to see!


What is a hart royal?

A hart royal has at least ten points on its antlers. It's not very good form to hunt one though, as he is probably in his prime, and for the health of deer herds in places without large predators, hunting should be limited to the old, sick, and weak, if it is to be done at all.


What is a badger's den called?

A badger lives in a sett, which is like a warren but with bigger tunnels. It usually has a few entrances for safety and ventilation.


What is a female rabbit called?

Rabbits are divided into bucks and does, just like deer.


What is a male duck called?

Ducks are divided into drakes and hens. Mallard is a type of duck.


What animals kiss?

All these animals kiss. Others have a sort of proxy, like grooming or nuzzling, but they don't kiss the way we do.


What color are flamingos?

Flamingos are born white. Their diet of shrimp makes them pink!


Where is a shrimp's heart?

A shrimp thinks with its heart - but that's OK because it is in its head!


What's special about prairie voles?

Prairie voles are very monogamous, and never cheat - but you can subvert their monogamy by messing with their natural levels of vasopressin, sometimes thought of as a sort of fidelity hormone (as human men who are faithful are believed to have more of it than men who are not).


How many dancing frog species are currently known?

There are 24 dancing frogs, which is a whole lot of amphibian booty-shaking. They do it to attract a mate, much like we humans do.


How do bats save the farming industry money each year?

Bats save the American farmer $3 billion a year! If you have a problem with insects near your place, a colony of pipistrelle bats can eat hundreds of them per day - each!


How do honeybees tell each other they found food?

Waggle dancing is a way bees say, "This is a good spot" - but they will shove each other to stop a colony member doing it if it's getting in the way of agreeing about where to go.


A group of parrots is called a what?

Yep, it's a pandemonium, which is very cute, of course. The weirdest collective noun, however, is probably a whoop of gorillas, which was a joke from Rowan Atkinson's breakout TV show, "Not the Nine O'Clock News" - but one that soon became popular with primatologists!


Which of these does not have a cloven hoof?

These animals all have a cloven hoof except a horse, which has a single toe (a hoof is technically a toe).


Why is colic so dangerous for horses?

If you think you've had bad gas, you've never seen a horse with literally no way to get it out without lots of luck and possibly a human manipulating it.


How do butterflies taste?

Butterflies taste with their feet, a useful skill when you land on a flower and need to immediately assess whether it's a good source of food.


What shape is wombat poop?

Wombats can poop cubes so their poop stays where they put it and doesn't roll away!


In what position do toucans sleep?

Toucans sleep in a ball with their great big beak folded protectively back over their body.


What rather mean name does the African penguin also go by?

African penguins make a braying sound rather like a mule or donkey, hence they are called jackass penguins!


How do anteaters chew?

Anteaters do not have teeth. Ants are tiny so they just vacuum them up.


What type of armadillo might you find in the arid regions of Argentina?

The pink fairy armadillo is adorable, genuinely pink, and it's super cool because it has hair AND a shell!


How does an axolotl stay mobile?

This super cute little fishy creature can grow a new limb if it loses one!


What is a muntjac?

A muntjac is a funny-looking little deer that comes from Africa. It was introduced to the U.K. a while ago and now it drives gardeners up the wall with its uncanny ability to get through fences.


What is clever about red-eyed tree frogs?

Red-eyed tree frogs will detect danger and escape their eggs early if they have to!


When were dogs domesticated?

Dogs were probably domesticated some 15,000 years ago in Europe, and a couple millennia later in Asia.


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